I like this Roulette Strategy

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I like this Roulette Strategy

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  1. Alex, maybe you should wait one spin before you let him take all your money

  2. These systems suck lately. Need a top 5 video of the best roulette strategies ever with Number 1 used on a LIVE STREAM for real money! 😳💰

  3. Mod tie fighter seems the same as romanovsky. 6 donks, 8:1 (16:2) risk/reward ratio

    1. It pretty much is. You can switch between the two depending on table limits and or what units you want to bet with. The only difference is with MTF you’re splitting your non-green donks between two separate thirds vs all 4 in the same third. Mathematically no different, but some people are superstitious. Just like saying “seven” at the craps table.

  4. I have done a lot of research, years actually. But still no clue how one gets stuck in the dryer.. ill keep researching !🤔

  5. From extensive video research people usually get stuck in the dryer when trying really hard to save that last sock from getting lost….. Not to worry though because it seems every time there is somebody more than willing to help the stuck person out.

  6. quick question about EGT friendly bets. How many donks do you have to have on a bet in order for it to be a valid bet? Thanks

    1. From my experience I’d say at least 9 donks. For example on a double zero ETG you can bet 4 double streets but it says invalid bet if you try to bet 5 double streets…

  7. If I’m in the casino and see someone playing a strategy I’m going to bet opposite like daddy David 😅because I’d probably win😂

    1. ROULETTE WIN only casual player and for fun .Consistently win its IMPOSSIBLE ..who say that :

    2. @william hunt  I only go a couple times a year but I enjoy watching these videos, great entertainment.

  8. I went to the casino today. Used one of your systems with a jackpot number mod. Four spins and left with $265 up. Love this channel.

    1. @Luis Malavassi Salazar I call it “ can’t lose on black”. $60 on 1st and 3rd column. $5 on all the black numbers in centre column and zero.
      We only have one zero in Australia.
      Then I pick a jackpot number $5 bet.
      Total $170. $10 win each spin or $190 for jackpot. Only 4 donks.

    2. U LiKE the go an other 4 spins see what happens..DON GAMBLE ONLY TRY TO ENJOY

    3. @william hunt dude knock it off. Just bc u lacked self control. Tired of seeing the comment

  9. I used Romanofsky @ $80 (same risk and payout as MTF @ 80) on my past cruise last week and did pretty well. Regularly hit 10-20 times in a row before a donk (27 hits was top). It was only $10 wins, but was good to grind for 2+ hours at the table a night and earn enough points for a free cruise. I do like this addition of switching to Ride or Die after some hits to try exponentially increase your profits though. Points earned averaged around 225-250 points per hour. Obviously your milage may vary based upon casino. It was a $1 minimum $50 max table and everyone else was betting $5-20 max, so maybe my $80 a spin stood out. Don’t know.

  10. 🤣🤣🤣Lose 80 and play for 10 each hit. You would need 8 straight wins to break even. 😛 BTW I love the way papa David flirts with Alex. Perhaps he needs to come clean and out of the closet. 🥰😍🤩

  11. Hey Alex and David.. I love playing roulette…love your tutorials… have a system for you that’s a variation on your latest video… hope you see this…bet $30 on second 12…$10 on the 4,7,10,28,31 and 34 streets… total $90 bet.. second 12 pays out $90… street hits pay $120…donks are 1-3 and 25-27 and of course the dreaded zeros😂…have been pretty successful with this system…call it the Alex and David eat good tonight 🤣… don’t know if this is an original system or not… greatly enjoy your content… keep it going 😎

  12. One of these times Alex is going to stroke out when handmodel donks on the first spin.

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