HUGE WIN!! Almost FULL SCREEN on Book of 99!!

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Hampybro is signed up with by blanco today for a big win print on ! Today it looks like a book win by the 2 dossers who land the bonus offer hunt in the revenue with only ONE reward!

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No links that I use in stream or in comments are transaction links. There are also some very important rules to follow if you decide to bet:

1. Do not consider betting as a method to earn .
Gaming ought to be seen as a form of entertainment and even if you can win in the brief run, the house always has an edge in the long term.

2. Just gamble with you can afford to lose.

3. Set a cash limitation ahead of time.
It's simple to get brought away when playing, which is why you should set a limit beforehand. This is quickly performed in your profile on many establishments.

4. NEVER chase losses.
Chasing losses can be ravaging. Makers/ casino games have no memory, so being unlucky for a particular amount of games will not make you more likely to win even more on. If you hit your limitations, you should constantly stop.

5. Take regular breaks.
Breaks are important to not lose your perspective when playing.

❗ For casino links:
18+ (you will not have the ability to sign up if not) T&C's Apply, New Clients Just, Gamble Properly,

If you have any other concerns about responsible gaming, you can always ask in chat.

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!! Almost FULL SCREEN on !!

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  1. hampe goes red as a strawberry everytime haha. the dude needs to chill down abit

    1. he just streams soo much and chugs zeltsers or w/e they’re called aswell as beer n such. im just worried hes gonna pass out soon by being overly happy ^^

  2. Let’s go Brandon, Lol . Pity it didn’t go full screen sill a Great win 🛎🛎

  3. Hampe gives on each win more dingding’s than Blanco has done in like 1yr of streaming 🤣🤣 They keep eachother in a perfect balance

  4. I got 1000x on Book of the fallen last night. Didn’t notice the 65x wagering on the bonus though. Never cashed out. Stupid of me.

  5. Yet again hampus is a great streamer the energy he brings to the stream is brilliant

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