“How not to lose with my roulette Stategy”

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"How not to lose with my roulette Stategy"

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  1. “couples systems” definitely doesn’t sound like a bad idea for couples that want to gamble together but are basically playing hedging strategies… and i would think couples systems would be huge for comps because if one system takes a hit use the winnings from the hedging system to buy back in and just keep going ham. the casino will think you’re loosing but your really only loosing the winnings from that hedging system, at worst break even while racking up comps

    someone tell me that makes sense

    1. Reason being because on American tables the casino has a 5.4% house edge which is huge over the long run, which is bad for “couple systems”

    2. @N For sure that makes sense since “player” and “banker” are both 1:1 bets except your eliminating the “chance” of green by playing it on baccarat… the only thing would be if you were playing a hypothetical “couples kill some time and gain comp value hedge system” via baccarat your losses would just be the commission on the banker wins, correct?

    3. This will not, or may not work. 1 person has 7 wins in a row, up 7 units, other has 7 losses, down 127 units, need 128 units for next bet.

    4. @John Blyth My hypothetical version you wouldn’t martingale and like I said you would be strictly playing to kill time with your significant other and gain comps. The huge let down is neither player would win and you’d end up costing yourself the commission on every banker win for both players. Not sure if the commission losses would be worth the comps received but I’m sure some math genius in the comments here can run the numbers.

    5. @N Do you know if you get rated differently if you play the inside compared to the outside? Or do you just get rated by the type of game?

  2. I’ll try it with $25 starting bet and see how it goes. If too slow, then I might try starting with $50. Grind out 6-10 units and have a few drinks. 😉

  3. Love your videos guys, you have been so helpful with your instructional series, thank you very much

  4. So my upgrade to this would be ADD 5.00 to each start after each win. Since its a no losing strategy raise your starts small 5.00 after each win to win more

  5. The odds of the results going exactly against your sequence are exactly the same as the results exactly matching your sequence and exactly the same as 6 in a row of any bet you choose.
    This system will bust you eventually, but its likely that the results will be exactly opposite your bets but with a zero or two mixed in.

  6. Since Alex called me out – Here it goes… 😄

    With this system, you have 212 units… which is bizarre for a Martingale system.
    You can only lose 7 in a row. You won’t be able to make an 8th bet.
    Losing 7 in a row, means you’ll be down 127 units or $1270. You won’t have enough money to bet $1280 after that.

    So, losing 7 in a row, the probability is (20/38)^7 which is 0.0112 or 1.12% or 1 out of every 89 attempts.

    Edit to add: It makes absolutely *no* difference that you’re moving the bet around. It’s statistically the same as if you just bet Black.

    1. The system requires betting on all six outside 1:1 bets, doubling up after a loss, and flat betting on zeros after that.

  7. I like the ideology of martingale but none of the IBS I think the key to winning is you have to end on a win to get back the most recent loss

  8. Now use the martingale systems and add a step system to it. Much more fun 🤩 and rewarding when it works!!! That’s what I do🎉

  9. Just stick to low or high. After 2 rolls switch to the other and double you loss for degen or just simple martingale for grinding

  10. Need a big bankroll, stick to the strategy and when you reach you’re target in a day then stop and go home. Patience and Discipline is the most important inside the casino.

  11. Last week. I got $200 in $10 chips and played the 0/00 and black ($30 a spin) I lost 6 times straight then 00 hit…I cashed out.

  12. Any way you guys can do a link tree list of your casino setup, or maybe a practice setup for those of us at home? What type of chips, where to get the dice, your craps mat, etc.

  13. Alex, i tried out your double street martingale the other night. first spin landed on 3, then on 1, then a winner, then a 0, then a 36, then a winner, then 00. Quickest roulette loss of my life lmao. When can i get that tshirt? i’d say i’ve earned it.

  14. With enough spins you can always count the statistics of previous spins to predict your best suit. The Martingale is practically all you need to keep winning and that makes roulette an easy game of patience. Turns out patience is a very rare virtue😂

  15. This is a system where you play it on live dealer on a betting app several times a day.

    Bet 10 a spin, close app after 2 wins. Come back 2 hours later, win 2x & close the app. Then just keep repeating that process. Maybe if you lose 4x in a row, walk away down $150 & quit for the day.

    I could see doing this to try & make about $100-150/day. You could also just bet $5 & it would take 5 losses to give up for the day. Would just up to 4 wins per session to get to $20… 🤷

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