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    1. I am confused doesn’t just mean that the dealer can’t ply with a blackjack

    2. Do all ACES in casinos have the 4 corners with As? Most cards I see still only have 2 like all the other cards.

    1. Hard Rock Dealer here. Looking for anything other than white to be honest haha. If there is a ten value card, you either see the number or parts of the Monarchy Letter (J, Q, K).

      By the way! If you notice that when an ace is up the dealer checks the cards differently, it’s because 10 value cards have their letter on the opposite corner than the rest of the cards. This is so when dealers have a ten-up and checking, they don’t mistake something in the mirror as another ten value card rather than an Ace.

  1. And if they look twice or have a hard time seeing it,it’s %99 another face card.

    1. Hard Rock Dealer here. I can promise you, sometimes it genuinely is just hard to see sometimes haha. It’s a mirror so if for whatever reason there’s not enough light in the window, it can be difficult to determine (as a dealer) whether you saw something or it’s just dark lol.

    2. @Doug Styles That’s a great question! I’m not too sure really. I haven’t had an experience where I couldn’t determine something due to humidity in the room. Plus I’m sure if that is a possibility, the casino have good enough circulation in the house to prevent that from happening. Only my guess though~

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