Follow the Wheel Not the Table with this Roulette Strategy

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Follow the Wheel Not the Table with this Roulette Strategy

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  1. Plum – 😂😂 editor’s hangover still exists, he is showing grapefruit

    1. It was the editor’s strategy. They’re showing what the ranking it truly is.

  2. When they said to follow the wheel, I was thinking place your bets on the last number. That’s what I do. I’ll start with 3 units 1 on the last number and two neighboring numbers. Then bet 6 units on the last two numbers and its two neighbors and so on until there’s 12 units. That’s when I will dbl my units and add 1 additional unit until my number hits.

  3. I have a plan for playing the wheel rather than the table, but even so the house still has the edge.

    1. @Kyle Robertson exactly Kyle. 1.4 % on single 0 game and a little worse on 00. Does not matter how you play, what system, etc. The maths is there.

  4. No lie. World of Concrete is Fantastic! Haven’t been in several years. Hope to get back next year.

  5. I love that daddy David always hits the g spot with those chips and nobody ever gives a f**k 😂

  6. CEG, what are the odds that two neighboring wheels produce the same color sequence? So the idea is that one finds a wheel that has already hit 3 identical color events as your wheel. then start a martingale betting the opposite of the neighboring wheel.

    1. The chances of a red or black on next spin is 18 ÷ 37 or 38 for American wheel. Chances of any 2 colours RR, RB, BB, BR simply multiply 18 ÷ 37 by the result. That is 0.48 x 0.48 = 0.23. Keep multiplying the result by 0.48 for 3rd or 4th or how many spins.

    2. @John Blyth Thanks. So the odds that two independent wheels produce an identical color sequence of 8 events is very low. If one finds a wheel that has already hit 3 identical color events as your wheel. then start a martingale betting the opposite of that neighboring wheel. I propose 3 hits simply to give the martingale a head start.

  7. 11:00
    David: “I give it a plum.”
    Alex: “I give it a plum minus.”
    Jett: “FU it’s a grapefruit. Fight me.”

  8. I have a similar system. Mine I play the basket, then 24 numbers. I play sections of 4 numbers around the will…. ends up with 4 spots/gaps of 2 numbers and one gap of 1 number. Put $30 on basket and $5 on the 24 numbers

  9. I’m shocked this channel still dosen’t have a Past Number display. It is a part of every roulette table and not even mentioned here. My system is dependent upon it.

  10. *I created a windows application based on this system. I have all 36 patterns programed into the application. The board that shows where to place the chips automatically pops up so I don’t need a piece of paper. It works perfectly.*

    1. @Stanley Yancey I would love to share it. I’m thinking of turning all of the CEG Dealer grapefruit rated systems into applications.

  11. this the system i use when i go to the casino except i use 1dollar chips and martingale when i lose .

  12. Pro Tip for those that like this type of system: If you play an ETG & notice that it’s one of those (like the one I play) that likes to tease 0/00 a LOT of the time, you can literally play like this but the main numbers you HAVE to play every spin are 27-28 split, 1-2 split, 0/00 obviously, and I also always play 17-20 split, as well as 35-36 split. If you also play 9-10, 13-14 & 25-26, that’s all the numbers surrounding 0/00 by 3 in either direction.

    I’ve been testing a strategy that does this but wider, 5 numbers each direction, and it also covers 7-17-20, so 25 units on single numbers to win 36 units, and it works pretty damn well on the ETG I play. Although it does also like the 16-21 18-19 a decent amount, it levels out & is always positive, so far, at the end of an hour of playing. You can add more numbers to it, but that lowers your profit per spin.
    With the 5 – either – way coverage, you are playing 10-15 double street, as well as 25-30 double street, so you CAN add more numbers, it doesn’t stop you at 25 like some ETGs will if you’re betting individual numbers. I plan on submitting the system after some more testing & fine tuning, hopefully it gets picked for a video.

  13. Honestly my favorite part of these vid’s is showing how the house edge wins out. -350, +240, house takes +$110 with every number played every spin. Geeeenius

  14. Thank you so much for this video. I play with this method and I was starting to think that the casino on my city was rigged cause every time I bet more than 4 times like this I would lose. The odds are new everytime the ball is spinned so I was expecting to win with this method much more times in a row than I do. Thanks to your video I can see now that this happens…
    Thanks again

    1. I play a similar system and if I continue betting on the same numbers I get up to 4-6 wins in a row and then get a L, what I’m trying out is changing numbers I bet on the wheel after every 3 wins. Even though the wheel has no memory etc.

  15. Funny my personal system I’ve thought of submitting is similar to this but is betting in groups of 3 instead of 2

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