Fibonacci Dozen #casino #roulette #vegas #gambling

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Fibonacci Dozen #casino #roulette #vegas #gambling

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  1. This is the classic gambler’s fallacy. “There’s no way I can lose 7 times in a row”. Yes, yes you can and will.

    1. Yeah, but do you not see how this is not gamblers fallacy.

      As he is coming in with this strategy before hand, there is some pretty basic maths than can be done to calculate the chance of failure.

      Gamblers fallacy would b to make the decision in the moment based on irrelevant previous outcomes.

    2. TLDR can you win using this method? Yes on a short term, I do really like this strategy dat’s why jump in and try it on live table till the reality hit you 😔

  2. My bro and I played this at a San Diego casino and won $600 in about 1.5hrs. Bankroll was $2k, using $25 unit.

    1. But you could of played just random bets and still been up in 90 mins some times people lose or win DRRRRR what’s your point other than delusional

  3. I seen it not hit any dozen 12 times in a row. Mind you i notice a particular dozen wasnt hitting so i used this strategy thinking it would work

    1. 12 means nothing bro lol
      In live table i got wipe with 18 donks in a row lol

    2. It’s very possible for any of the columns to not hit for 15+ times. It doesn’t happen much, I think most I’ve seen it not hit was about 21 times…

  4. I repeat.. do NOT listen to any gambling strategies, unless you want to be an avid card counter.

    1. Unless you get really unlucky this is one of the best roulette strats.

    1. Sure you did, you would probably get two to three spins in 2 mins. Also nothing is guaranteed in gambling, even the casino can lose.

  5. This is really good, but earlier today I’ve encountered 25 times miss in a row. I also noticed that 15-20 misses are common as well.

  6. I play this in Manila a few weeks ago. A few things I experienced. 1) You can lose more than 7 in a row. 2) After a win, i moved to whichever dozen is furthest from a hit, so if i just won on 1st, 2nd hit one before, and 3nd hit two before, id play the 3rd dozen next. 3) I dont know why it calls for 40 unit bankroll, you only need 33 units for 7 levels.

    I walked out ahead after many sessions of playing this.

    1. Hey! I dont know you and i know you might not want to hear Me out, but no matter What system you use, they ALL fail. If There was a system to beat the casino, the casinos would be bankrupt.

      No matter how you bet, roulette has a 0 that gives casino the edge. Some Even have two, which gives horrible odds. Playing roulette can NEVER be a consistent source of income.

    2. House edge is overrated. People do get “marked” in Manila for always winning. Croupiers were even investigated for not beating bettors using the system. Roulette is not as random as people think it is. In Euro roulette, which is what is used in manila (where the second or even 3rd zero may be added), notice that 2nd dozen numbers appear as neighbors several times (15/19, 14/20, 18/22, 16/24), making it easier to hit.

      Also, if there is gambler’s fallacy, there is also a mathematical fallacy. Randomness in numbers in general does not always apply to real life settings. Crossing the street in a straight line is not always the best way to reach the other side, while it may be the shortest distance between origin and destination.

  7. I’ve won $100/day for about a month with this. Turning $100 into $200. I’ve lost $100 maybe 3 times. But there’s still like $2,700 profit. Just start with the table minimum and create your own sequence using the same formula.

    1. Nah in the long run, if you keep chasing you’ll ended losing all your profit

  8. I just went on a cruise and did this , 1st and 3rd 12 hit 15 times 😂😂😂 cleared me out $200
    And you can only guess what happened on the 16th spin 😂

  9. My favourite is understanding what number dealer decides😂 More than logic controlling your Mind and Brain within stressful environment matters

  10. Went to a casino for the first time a fewweekends ago, the tables there were 25 min 300 Max and 50 min, 500 max.
    Betting using the fibinachi sequence, going up in bet amounts each time you lose on a 1/3 row and then restarting back on a win. I guessed the right row of 12s probably 23 times out of 30 spins. Started with 200 buy in with chips and we were leaving and I cashed out with 3375

  11. I did this exact same thing, I lost $400 on roulette and then I came back and won $400 exactly LOL

  12. This is very similar to the martingale, but scaled to account for the 3:1 odds payout. It works. Eventually you lose all your chips, sure. When time trends to infinity the house always wins. But do it like he says, cashing out and leaving often.

  13. I like to spray and pray. Tap a bunch of numbers real fast and pray i win 😂

  14. Played on a dozen which was a sleeping one. Didnt hit for 12 spins. Also a occasional zero in between. My bankroll got wiped quite easily. Tried it with 40 bank roll which I was able to loose. Did not expect it to be like that within 10 mins. There is a reason why casino are still operational. Sure you might hit a win streak 6 spins, but 6 whacks happens also.

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