Easy $1000 with this Roulette System

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Easy $1000 with this Roulette System

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  1. Great system. Deposited £100 into a online casino to try out. Doubled my money within 1 hour. I did cover the 0 for 5% which hit 4 times during the hour playing.

  2. Question:
    Since both gave it a grapefruit, would David give Alex $1,000 or more to play live in a casino and record it, but increase the bets since Alex would have a bigger starting bankroll to make it a potentially bigger win?!?!?!

  3. I absolutely love this system! I will be modifying it though so instead of putting your whole wad on one number split it up on a few numbers for a nickel a piece. Cant wait to try this out next month.

  4. I like it! After the 3rd win for $135 I’d keep $45 and bet the other 2 $45 on 2 of the 3 dozens and hit for another $135 then pocket the $135 for a $180 hit off $5. Then restart. I don’t know how I feel about putting that much risk on 1 out of 36/37 numbers lol but grapefruit for sure!

    1. Ya the only thing im not keen on is the betting on one single number after pocketing $100, looks like a fun system.

  5. This reminds me a bit of “ladder betting” on slots. I like it bc this is easy enough to remember the steps. I will try for sure next time I’m playing Roulette. 👍

  6. Only the true degens put the full $35 on 1 number and it’s just for the story. Total grapefruit. Mod tie fighter for the comps and this one for the drinks. Hands up for KJ!!!

  7. Some people would pay for that 🤣
    I thought sure that my way was the best possible.
    I’m now reconsidering that position.
    This is impressive.
    Definitely a grapefruit.
    It’s the ease of your results that really sells it.
    Love it.
    Mediocre D is a genius.

  8. I’d take 30 instead of 35 and put it on 6 corners and play that until it loses. Now you have 24 numbers covered for 15 per hit. Creates a lot of opportunity.

  9. Basic statistics of this system, for those who are curious, some quick math tells us:

    Odds of hitting each dozen in a row: a bit under 1/27 (.031 odds)

    And each win gets you $100 (or 135 if you don’t go for the dunk)

    That means you can get 20 free bets or 27 free bets per win (or if you win within 20-27 bets you are even or above your starting bankroll)

    62% chance hitting within 20 bets
    84% chance of hitting within 27 bets

    So, while you can’t farm this indefinitely for free money, the risk is so low (84% odds of breaking even without doing the final dunk bet)

    1. Sounds like a high often probability 🤔 within 26/27 spins…. might just try with $100

  10. I like except the one # hit looking for a miracle. Would definitely do the part where you add the 100 to the bankroll but instead of trying the 1 hit wonder, do something similar to how you started and divide that 35 up as it’s own separate bankroll and try to do the same idea as 1st and parlay some other bet. Then you would be working a couple of them at once, or use it up in 3 tries with 5 for 1st try, 10 for 2nd try, 20 for 3rd try.

  11. Tried this on an on line simulator -started with $300 and got to level 3 4 times and didnt hit any. Tried again on 2nd player and got down to $200 and once again didnt win any and gave up. Maybe better in a live game situation.

  12. Surveillance: David only hit twice out of 26 spins and never hit the next dozen. His big win at the end had nothing to do with the system. Aside from that, fun system if you buy in for say $200 and want to go for it.

  13. I like the fast-forward through the ball spin. Gets more numbers in the video.

  14. Follow the winner works well can be used on columns also as one dozen or column will go on a streak regularly. Instead of pressing all the winnings maybe just double after each win 10,20,40,80 for example as it pays two to one you can pocket profits if you hit a loss along the way.

  15. Love the system. The only mod I would make is to use the last bet, to bet all around a number (instead of just straight up picking). Believe Alex called it “Complete bets”. Bet all around a number with every option (including dozens and columns).

  16. Love this system but how about after the 3rd win instead of playing $35 on one number you keep $90 and play $5 on one number in the center column and all splits and corners around it. It’s $675 win on the number, $135 on the splits and a push on the corners.

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