DOUBLE SYSTEM, DOUBLE PROFIT! “2 Systems, 1 Ball” System Review

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DOUBLE SYSTEM, DOUBLE PROFIT! "2 Systems, 1 Ball" System Review

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  1. @Alex can you please change the double street with my system? 1st dozen, 2nd dozen, & last double street works best with 9 splits. You will have more wins!!! 💰

    1. They hit the 2nd Dozen once. It needs more then a twenty minute video to be successful. DTF would have done its job had it had more spins to offset the workload. Your Nine split is great. We know this works because of twitch.

    2. @Nik S. I’ve played the 2 dozen 1 double street system on ETG. I worked out to see which double street is best & last one is good. I agree needs more spins also 👍

  2. I might do this at MGM National Harbor tonight, however the minimums there are high so I would have to do nickels on the splits 50 on the outside and 25 on the double street. So a dozen will pay 150, a dozen/split pays 240, Split alone pays 90, and street pays $125 ,215 for combo street split hit….actually now that I just did the math….nah not gonna do it cause that’s a $170 average bet.

    1. @Seth Black there are 3 casinos within 45-60 minutes of me. MGM is the closest but their limits at their lowest is $25

    2. @Phillip Harris you could do just the 9 splits at $3 that would be $27 base bet.

    3. @Seth Black Not at MGM, never seen them do singles once colored 5s is the lowest I have seen on roulette.

  3. That is how it goes sometimes. We had a lot money left so we could have got back I believe. But you can only record for so long and keep it entertaining. Great job!

  4. Martingale lover or 2 systems 1 ball? Both give PTSD imo but very effective!

  5. Well … better than “Two girls, one cup”, I reckon.
    Not my cup of tea. Too boring. Plum @ 9 0’clock at best. No comp value, no big wins. There are better grind systems.

  6. You really need to try the system I submitted. I can almost guarantee that you’ll make a profit. “Gimme five” by Matt McKinnon.

  7. A lot of work for a small amount, my bets way better …. 11yrs in the making

  8. Thanks for another opportunity to mirror CEG. Your losses around 80. My gain with your numbers? $750. See you next time.

  9. these guy will make you loose money, ive tried a few systems and they all-ways fail, either that or the casinos are fixed and robbing us, lost a good bit of money trying these systems out.

  10. On the first count it should’ve been and $18 profit because he forgot the double street on the second spin.

  11. I really appreciate the clear steps and explanations for these new videos! Its so easy to follow now!

  12. When one of your $1 bets doesn’t hit you’d be better off putting half the money on each number of the split. Example $4 on 22/25 split paid $68. If you had split it and put $2 each on 22 and 25 it would have paid $70. It’s only $2 difference, but $2 is $2!

  13. Its a good system .. all you need to do is just move the 3 out side bets to be unpredictable.

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