Can you Martingale 2to1 Bets on Roulette?

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Can you Martingale 2to1 Bets on Roulette?

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  1. One of my favorites, however, I would wait for triggers before starting, say 2nd 12 doesn’t hit in the last 3 spins then aim for it.
    My betting sequence is 50, 100, 150, 250, and 400.
    Can also do, 25, 50, 75, 125, 200, 300, 450.
    Question: would a casino let you bet on the streets after you hit 500$ limit?

    1. yeah … but its like after the 3rd bullet like alex said than it gets risky

    2. @MikeBro220 yeah, that’s why I wait for triggers to start betting, been screwed couple times but I feel it has a good chance of doing 500$ off 1000$, my usual target, most of the time I run other systems with this, same trigger method, when no triggers available, I would do 5 pays 6 play, like 2 12 and 1 double street or 3 to 2 on 1st 12 and 19 to 36.
      I just find it crazy (and annoying) how people just throw chips randomly haha.

  2. sometimes i just martingale the zeros … i start with $5 on split zeros and martingale up on only the split zeros

  3. I have been messing around with this, but only betting 1 (2:1) bet, then progressing on losses with this: (units) 1/2/3/4/6/9/13/20/30/50/70/110

    1. That’s a solid way to do it. I don’t think table limits would allow the last bet. $5 tables here only have a max of $500.

    2. This is my daytrading position sizing system lol, just start small and scale in until I hit for 5pts then get out and start over on the next setup

  4. On the roulette wheel in class note, I’m a brand new table games dealer and part of my kids homeschooling lessons are playing blackjack so I can practice dealing, they are learning math, and I’ll have an MIT level card counting team by the time they’re all 21. They’re 8,9 and 11 now, that’s investing in the future right there!

    1. You might do better with stock options because they have expirations. So, similar to card counting, there can be an expectation. LIke cards running out on a deck, time is running out on the options.

  5. In answer to the question of the day, I’d assign the kids this homework: Using the roulette table, pretend you’re the casino and tell me what rules would you design to make sure that in the long run, the house always wins.

  6. Look at/There you go buddy counter xD

    One for Alex 😂 10:00

  7. I marti’d at a blackjack table once all the way up to the table max and then lost that too. Believe it was 1k. Kinda left me with a bad taste for marti.

    1. People love to believe in patterns and likelihood of something (such as a column) hitting over a small set of spins.

      The likelihood of hitting any specific column is one out of three (not counting 0/00). What is the likelihood of hitting a specific after martingaling five times? One out of three.

  8. Matingale wasn’t exactly taught in school where I am but it was a part of an IQ test I have taken in school….so technically, I still learned it in school.

  9. After 8 straight rolls of red or black martingale has an excellent chance of success if you have the discipline to take a loss when it’s time dependent on your budget/tolerance level

  10. Martingale could work if used sparingly. Not guaranteed though and that’s why it’s called gambling.

  11. Imagine being the dealer. You have to listen to their conversation and they don’t even tip. Poor guy. 0/10 players

  12. You could do that strategy as a team. Because in the end David and Alex together walked away with $460 profit.
    But if the second dozen showed up a lot you’d be totally F’d.

  13. This inspired my first system, been watching on and off and I CANT LOSE ONLINE. If youd like to know it let me know how to share!

    1. @P-A Tollbom so I am new to this keep in mind. I love numbers though and haven’t explored them much since high school and random pattern experimentation. Instead of martingaling full on. The bet pattern is this. 5,10,15,20,25,35,55,85,125,190,285. (In increments 1,2,3,4,5,7,11,17,25,38,57). This allows for you to have a total of $850 in bank roll to get 11 spins and chances of hitting a 2:1. You either make money early on or break even later. Do this on the 2:1s and use your chance probabilities in the first $5 bet such as either bet on the 3 rows or the 3 12’s depending on what hasn’t popped up in a while. It can actually steer you towards balance. I tried instead of just keep throwing the money on 2:1 dividing the let’s say 2nd bet of $10 on 2 6way bets or the $20 on 4 streets in the same 2:1 group of 12, but realized the payout is a little less (30>25) (60>55). On the 35 bet you can lose $5 but it makes for a cheaper martingale system and if anyone can find other ways to bet the increments by continuing on the same group of 12 but not 2:1 ing I’d be interested to hear!

    2. @CapFlipGaming also been experimenting this morning with a $5 bet on 2 diff 2:1’s whatever your choice of what hasn’t been called in a while there a 6 diff options to predict which is nice, but I’d stick to the Same side of the board with your bets. If rows then rows, if 12’s then 12’s. If you lose with a 65% win chance on the first spin, take those odds into the next (with increase prediction and probability odds) then move up to $15 each. If those lose move up to $45 each. Then $135 each. That’s 4 whacks at a total of $400 at 65% win rate and making at least $5 each hit. If you’re a big spender and wanna do the math, the 5th roll should be under table limits hopefully

  14. If you play online you have have way higher maximums on the 2-to-1 bets than at a real table and can play with as low as .20

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