Bet 2/3 of the Roulette Wheel || 2-3 Hopscotch Degenerate

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Bet 2/3 of the Roulette Wheel || 2-3 Hopscotch Degenerate

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    1. Now this is an interesting statement. I think you’re right – the layout of the wheel has to matter – why did they do it that way? I’d love a mathematician to look at the wheel and share what they see…The guys do have a video – it’s a slight modification on double streets where you bet an increased amount on two of the five double streets. Alex commented that he liked it because on the double street at 16/19 double street the numbers are close together….

    2. @@jrustyshaffer5438 Yeah betting 22-25 numbers on the wheel and positioning it best is actually a great way to play. I like to go from 14-10 covering both zeros- 24 numbers

  1. ok guys heres one for ya. I havent seen all ur vids so maybe you already know this BUT incase ya dont its a sure win. Pick a color RED or BLACK. BET it ever bet. Red: start with whatever amount you want. Say 10, u lost. double it and add 5 , you lost, double that and add 5, you lost again, double that and add 5, lets say you win that one. you are now ahead by 35… start over. you can double plus 10 or 15 or whatever your budget allows. U will ALWAYS walk away a winner IF you stay long enough

    1. The problem with this strategy is table max. Most tables are created for the martingale strategy of about 7 double bets before you hit their max. With the martingale +5 you suggested, if you start at $10 min table, you’ll reach table max after maybe 7 or 8 spins. Some online casinos have larger table max, so this has more opportunity than 7 bets; however, if you play roulette long enough, you’ll see a black or red run of more than 8 and your bankroll will be done. Even in this video, they started with a run of 10 black numbers…it happens.

    2. @@hobie1115 So if you started out with 5, it would be better. But again if you dont hit it by your 8th spin your done :- ( thanks the heads up on that. Obviously have never played but heading to Vegas to get married next weekend so trying to figure out a good strategy to win a few bucks.. lol

    3. @@PULSEXBillionzz Congrats on getting married and good luck at the tables. I promise you…casinos love people who like to martingale. The are better and safer betting strategies and progressions…go win some money though!

    4. If you start from 5 bullet and then double + 5$. If you lost 6 times in a row it is exacly 600$. For 8 in a row it is 2510$ lost total. Go wach more videos where thay play martingale.

    5. @@PULSEXBillionzz the best if no fun just best red/black once for your max. It is biggest return rate. If you want play for fun (as you should) and long go play xwing or Hopscotch. If you want to play couple big and fun prop suicide squad or smthing like board walk.

  2. Online Casinos will give you a Money Bonus each month based on how much you wager, regardless of win or lose. If you can have a roulette system that is designed only to break even and never win profits, you can win that monthly bonus money pretty easy

  3. Words of wisdom: “if your system comes down to luck, then be lucky.”

    1. That part made no sense for me. I do not understand what David wanted with that statement. Felt like he was spitting out words without really having a thought behind it there.

  4. What does 5 extra videos a week even mean? Like 5 more than last week? Cause that would be a crazy amount of videos a week for how many times i have heard him say that lol.

    1. If your a paying member of the chanel you’ll see 5 extra videos exclusively for you not the general audience

  5. Love the new layout of where the chips are placed!! Thank you for that!!

  6. ‘eyo, I have to ask… I get that the system is called hop-scotch so it has to look like that, but wouldn’t it bet ‘better’ to just put the whole $45 that’s on the splits/corners split up on the 2 columns and just have all the numbers you’re covering pay the same? lol So basically start at something like $35 on each then go up one $15 unit after 2 losses and whatnot?
    I dunno, maybe that’s just me. If you still want mini-jackpot numbers, you can take the last $5 (cuz that’s $35 + $35 is a $70 bet instead of $75) and put it on one split to pay the extra money on that. Or cover 0/00 with the $5 and have 2 less whacks.

  7. Much less talk, and I did follow what happened in this video. Very nice. the new layout showing digital where chips is placed was beautiful aswell. That’s the content I love and I am looking for!.

    Rating vise. I agree with Alex and David on both.. Normally I’m more strict and rate lower. but It’s not terrible, but it wins super low amounts, and the whacks are huge.. It feels wrong. The degenerate part where you press, you might atleast get lucky a few spins, and generate on those. I like the pressing part, but way too big of a bet on so large amount of the table

  8. Enjoying your review of my systems. Not real casino tested. I see the best systems deal with betting the 1st , 2nd, and/or 3rd 12 sets.

  9. hi guys love ur content! have u thought the idea on taking these analysis to the next level with a basic algorithm, bc with 30 spins u cant really see statistically the chance of winning or losing. in just 30 extra seconds of video u could proyect the numbers on a 500 spin set, do 5 to 10 sets and see the numbers on the long run. if u are interested to try it out feel free to reply so we can chat!

  10. At 3:12 Alex hours the third column after Fibonacci’ing but still only won $15, am I missing something?

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