Bend the odd to your Favor with this Roulette Strategy || Odd Hit That

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Bend the odd to your Favor with this Roulette Strategy || Odd Hit That

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  1. These systems never work. Daddy David always comes out winning. Just a cheek clapping 👏 buffet

  2. you can BEND the odds from a -2.27% EXPECTED VALUE to + odds in your favor by playing a Shorter time line or one single spin.

  3. To make this system good, add a nickel on each street:

    This increases your bet from $120 to $150, this is much more practical to make profit and chase losses.

    Each street and number profits $30 with 30 numbers in play as opposed to 12 numbers profiting $60 and 18 numbers pushing. If they were playing it this way they’d be out $-150 as opposed to $-300

    1. I thought the same thing in like 2 seconds of hearing the streets was a push!!

    2. @Johnny Triplett I agree, a lot of these push systems are crazy to me. Why would you want even money for the majority of your hits when there’s 8 donks? There’s only 1 push system I like for comp and profit and that’s 3 units 1st 12, 1 unit 14, 15, 17, 18 corner, and 5 units 19-36. 18 numbers profit, 16 numbers push, 4 numbers donk (3 on single 0) that’s a lot of numbers in play while still having over half profiting, push systems need max board coverage.

  4. I did $10/$20…
    Then, add $25 Corners 7/11, 16/20 & 28/32.
    $315 per spin. This seems pretty good.

  5. Tried this…
    1. Push
    2. Push
    3. Lost
    7. Same bet but $25 on 0/00
    0 hit. I left….

  6. This is a pretty good idea. Just an extreme outlier to only roll 2 odds out of 14 spins.

  7. I saw this on another channel. You all should play NINE STREETS system. When you start playing, you look at the last 3 numbers. You don’t play any streets with those numbers. Then when you start playing. After each spin, you don’t play the street with the last number that came up along with the previous two numbers. So you continue to alternate the 9 streets that you do play! You play 27 numbers, leaving 11 donks. You should give it a try! I am going to try it next time at the Casino.

    1. The Roulette Mater had it, and I’ve been playing that system for a while now, along with play like a pro.

  8. One odd spin out of the first ten on a system aiming for odds. 😅 I love it.

  9. Where’s JackAce when you need him to explain why you don’t bet on 36 or more numbers, and why you don’t bet on bets that cancel each other out.

  10. This system is statistically the same as betting $60 on 19-36 and $60 on the 1st Dozen.
    You still have 18 pushes, 12 wins of $60, and 8 WHACKS.
    You can achieve the same statistical results with 2 bets instead of 18 bets.

  11. Push is never a good option. When I play roulette, if it hits, I gotta make sure I make something, even if it’s small.

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