Average Buy-in For Regular Roulette Players || Chasing Zeros

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Average Buy-in For Regular Roulette Players || Chasing Zeros

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  1. Add couple more numbers to make the section larger on both sides. Preferable 8-12 number sections. Smaller pay but more effective.
    Peach +

    1. And, change to correct betting progression.

      And, wait for the right time to start.

  2. Papa keeping hope is alive is important with Roulette! 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. The one component that most of your systems fail to incorporate is that once you reach session profit, you reset. Try this same system but as soon as you are up money, you rest to 1 unit.

  4. When Alex asked for another 300 and David said why don’t you just get 100? I had this wife flashback. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. loving the videos. would be great if we can have a running total on the video to see how much both of them are winning/losing.

  6. Mesmo citado os criadores de sugestões fica a nitida impressao que somente 1 ai é quem faz todas as contas 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Why not as soon as u hit and u make profit you reset back to the start ?

  8. Isn’t a split 17 to 1 versus straight up is 35 to 1? So, put one on each 0 and 00.

  9. Again, while the system is fun, and I actually play something similar to this sometimes but with more numbers, you’re literally better off just playing a dozen and going up one unit each loss, it’s lower cost, lower risk, and you can still make a slow grind of good money if you progressively up your bet each time you lose.

  10. Texas Road House… 2 things… Rolls/Cinnamon Butter and Snake Bites…

  11. I had a friend who I got into playing blackjack and we were playing on one of those computer ones. He bet $30 and he drew a king and a jack, the dealer had a 9. He saw the double down option and without asking me what it meant he pressed it thinking it would just double his bet. I yelled NOOOOOOOOO with him not knowing what he did. The computer was loading and thinking, I told him it means it doubles but it draws another card! This lucky son of a mother drew a fucking ACE FOR 21!!!!!

  12. @:33 could someone please help explain what this bet placement is? Also, is this available on digital roulette? Mahalo!

  13. @0:33 could someone please help explain what this bet placement is? Also, is this available on digital roulette? Mahalo!

    1. He quickly comments on the video. The line between the “2nd 12” and the “3rd 12” is called the “courtesy line”, you place the chips there when you want to bet on both 0 and double zero (split bet), but you are sitting at the opposite end of the table and it is difficult reach the zeros.

    2. @@kodomo06 Ah, didn’t catch the part about the reach. Thank you!!

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