A Great Roulette Strategy to Play on Casino Money

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A Great Roulette Strategy to Play on Casino Money

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  1. One of the best systems so far. It’s always a good thing when you can use the casinos money to build your bankroll.

    1. ‼️ What are you supposed to do if you lose on step 1? Keep on martingale until you are up? 😂

    2. This system is just as likely to make you profit in the long run as any other system.

  2. The new goal is to make a system that creates the best banter! Double nutter for the win!😂

  3. This channel has made me so much money… I can’t begin to thank you enough…. Roulette at first then I switched to craps….. big money on that table💯💯💯

    1. @E C aggressive….. 5/5/5 almost always, and start out at 25$, 4,5,8,10 and 30$ on the 6,8. And then…… full press 6,8twice, 4,10-5,9 once or twice and take payment after 2, hits…. I do bring it down after 4-5 hits total ( 7 will come sooner or later) so I get out, but leave all my other bets active… I take the 4,10 down after pressing twice and collecting twice. The bet ends up being 75,60,120,120,60,75 across. Approximately…. I find this “strategy” aggressive with about a 5K buy in. 1 out of every 20-30 shooters gets hot…. And when they do…. I pull 5-10K from it. Consistently…. It’s just luck though…. I’ve had a few losing sessions , however I get out after 1K loss and go home…. Not my night, I practice setting, but it’s harder than it looks…..fck that was long…sorry.

  4. Mod: After you win round 1, complete cycle, reduce the bet to $10’s and start new cycle with house $$.

  5. You definitely can’t do this on electronic roulette. Once the program sees you’re winning too much it’ll force a loss.

  6. Nice 👍🏽 Ive use this style of system prior to watching this only real difference is I’ve started with $25 on 2 brackets and worked my way up as well then after being up ill play 5-6 streets one or twice then cash out

  7. The ETG at my local Indian Casino won’t allow more than 26 numbers to be played. So many systems I can’t do 😢. Time for a Vegas trip!

  8. David: it’s been awhile since we have … come together to play roulette

  9. David is too funny man… He knows what not to say and says it at the perfect time 😂

  10. Seems to me the first 2 steps are the best. The 3rd step is more risk for less reward.

  11. If I may, I’d like to suggest putting up a picture/ visual aid in the corner to follow along with such as you have in your thumbnail picture. Highlight the board color coded for what each number will win (push, win, whack, etc…) I’d love to see it

  12. I do very much understand the importance of the aspect that you are using house $ to make these aggressive and rewarding plays. You are free to play your game when you have a good bankroll to do something with. You can play completely different with your using house $. I wish I was quicker with math but I will figure it out. My dad was a teacher and he told me when doing math aðd,sub,multiply and divide. He said put a dollar sign in front of the numbers and then you think of it as not just money but YOUR MONEY. It has served me well with quicker head calculations

  13. ” when that one wins”..😅😅 I love how there’s never any suggestion it may lose

  14. Thank you guys , randomly clicked on this video, will be trying this system next time I play, I usually just pick random numbers and hope for the best😊

    1. picking random numbers is just as good any systems. odds of winning at roulette don’t change based on how you play it.

  15. The ultimate ball squeeze is the perfect name for this system!! I watched this video 2 days before I hit the casino floor. I made out with $700! Practiced on my phone a few times with mixed results. Sometimes you get on a roll but once you get unlucky, the losses stack up quick.

    I felt like I was playing craps using this strategy. My adrenaline was through the roof. I thought all hope was lost when i realized i was playing on a triple 0 roulette table. I went through 20+ spins without “crapping out”. I would “create oppurtunity” by either adding onto all martingale bets or just the numbers that were hitting more often. I would be making a consistent profit of 25+ or more depending on what hit. I honestly didnt even know if I shouldve just kept playing or taken profit earlier. I ended up finally losing when a 36 rolled. Overall, surreal experience.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the video! To everyone else reading, it is still gambling and not a guarantee but when luck is on your side.. it feels like it would never end. The looks on the dealer’s face, my friends watching me like Im cheating the system, and other patrons watching my chips stack was an unforgettable experience. Would love to hear anyone elses luck with this strategy or any other tips to maximize profits. Thanks again!

  16. I was a roulette dealer. You cannot win in roulette with a system. If you play long enough (not long), you will lose. Every bet you make has a payout of what you don’t bet, minus the zeros. If you bet one number, you didn’t bet 35 numbers, so your payout is 35-1. If you bet one street, you didn’t bet 11 streets, so your payout is 11-1. If you bet red, you didn’t be half the numbers, which is 2-1. It’s even money. ……until you add a zero. And a double zero. So, if you bet 1 number you are actually not betting 37 numbers, but your payout is only 35. Divide 35 by 37, and that will give you the amount that you lose, on average, per bet. You can’t win in roulette, unless you hit early and leave. But. Statistically, if you did that enough times, you will lose more than you won, by the percentage of 35 divided by 37.

  17. As a 21 year tables employee, dealer and floor manager, ive seen almost every roulette system ever made, in South Africa, we have the single 0, and this allows for a far wider range of compilations when it comes to strats like this, i myself have made a significant amount of money playing the column system, where you wait for a wheel to roll 3 numbers in the first column, then play second and third. set yourself a target and walk when you reach it! the best strat on winning in a casino is leaving when you’re ahead… if you lose your first bet, you double down to regain your losses. follow this step for a session and you really should walk a winner, since the numbers in teh 1st column are very scattered and the other 2 batch up a LOT!

    1. doubling down when u lose is not a good idea the odds are not in ur favour in the long run

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