32 Year Dice Dealer Chooses the Best Strategies

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32 Year Dice Dealer Chooses the Best Strategies

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  1. I hate to be THAT guy but you need to keep the rolls generated not pick the outcome so that people can see that it’s not as easy as you explain…. too many wasted rolls, point seven outs or just not being able to get out of the hand. by the time that decent roll comes around you make some money back then rinse and repeat. you usually dont get the good hands close enough to get ahead. I roll this out many many many nights since i saw it first and I’m down big time. luckily its at home not at the casino. And again I’m trying not to be a hater cause i love the game. just if you go the whole podcast with realist rolls and you show the fail you need to do that.

    1. I agree. Everyone says that’s why you need to bring enough bankroll for 10 shooters, but even then it seems like 10 shooters go very quickly and you’re out all your bankroll before even really seeing a hand

    2. But for demonstration purposes, forcing the numbers just to show how it works in theory is fine, as long as you do a live roll to simulate the strategy for real

    3. Remember they are cutting the rolling short to get thru the systems…you have to be more adult to understand the rolls are not perfect…

    4. @c4kami I realise that but youcant make it seem like you get out of the hand all the time…. when more realistically you may get out 60% of the time and when you DO get out it doesnt make up for the times you don’t without a super roll, I’ve tried all kinds of things…full degen pressing , taking 1st hit the press…. press collect, all with the same results . I will say the time i did get out ahead on the first roll or two I made about 900 profit by the time i was done. but you start getting 3, 4 5 hands down you’re finished unless you get a 50 roller. And Again… I’m not trying to be a hater just dont hype it up more than it should be.

  2. I glad you guys are using the crapsee roller. Too much 7ʻs using the crapsee to roll the dice. 😅😅😅😅

  3. ALso….. in the time it took to watch this video I rolled out a $3 table… $1000.00 Bank roll and made 120.00 just playing DP Aand the 4&10 lay stratagy from DGE ( which only got bet on 2 times).

  4. Maybe I’m just the DF that can hit all the donks like David does on the roulette series. I would love nothing more than to find out that I’m doing something wrong

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