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    1. These videos are great, its nice to see old systems tested again against other systems.

  1. Love the videos. Been binge watching like crazy. Just a suggestion, can we show a running/current balance for the player. Keep up the excellent work all of you guys

  2. the best comp system I’ve found is that Reach Around. It held solid for 176 spins… and by solid I mean it took that long to deplete the buy in to a point where it wouldn’t make the full bet.

  3. Lmao the big head Alex edit!

    This is a good concept, especially seeing how many hits you need to get back to even.

  4. Comp killer is okay it’s only good if you hit 3x and cash out. But but best system is holy split! Me and my friend we did a little adjustment and made the system almost full proof! I will type it up and repost it here later.

    1. ​@Dylan Patel @nuketheworld999 as you know the holy split is a system that you bet either $5 on every other split starting from the number 2/3 and $10 on the middle column if you’re not familiar with the system CEG has a nice video on how to play the system. The holy split system is by far one of the better ones CEG has tested IMO.

      The original system you have a total of 14 whack numbers 0/00, 3, 4, 9, 10, 15, 16, 21, 22, 27, 28, 33 and 34. But me and my friends we came up with a Holy Split 2.0!!! where you only have 7 whack numbers! and these numbers can be different depends on which side of the wheel the dealer is spinning on.

      The original system you start on the 2/3 which is on the single 0 side of the wheel, this is important to know because the dealer sometime can spin 5 to 10 numbers straight!!! on this side of the wheel! and to me this is the best side of the wheel to play on because you have 2, 5, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 32 and 35! all G spots! very little whack numbers on this side.

      If and only if you see the dealer spinning on the 00 side you must play it why because every dealer is different with how they throw the ball and placement where or close to where the ball would land. I normally would watch the wheel spin 20 mins before playing at the casino or online. Doing the holy split is good online as well because your table limit is $10,000 to $20,000 depends which app you use. Where as in the live casino you have a table limit of $10 for $300 max on a number.

      For some reason you run into a dealer who is on the 00 side of the wheel and you want to play you can bet on the 1/2 and this will cover all of the numbers on this side of the wheel. I personal like the 00 side of the wheel if I am not play the holy split I play the 24 to the 6 on this section of the wheel. Its important you pay attention to this stuff because if you’re play with real dealer or video roulette you can see a small pattern form and switch back and forth. I notice when I play its like 3 to 5 numbers the dealer would hit before finding the other side of the wheel. You just have to know when to set a limit and leave when you’re up.

      Now that is all out of the way lets talk about the 2.0 we did to the system… I will use the single 0 side of the wheel as an example because it has the most G spots you can hit. We have a poor mans bet a middle man and a high roller bet! you decide which one you are! these bets are all total bets okay so for;

      $36 your bets will be $2/$4 and $1 on 7 single numbers!
      $72 your bets will be $4/$8 and $2 on 7 single numbers!
      $360 your bets will be $20/$40 and $10 on 7 single numbers!
      If you play this on the video roulette you can just place the bet and just hit 2x and it will double your bets for you and it would work the same! I would start with $36 and as I work up my bank roll I would 2x it when I feel the G Spot is coming. Before playing on the video make sure that your casino gives you tier credits for playing on video roulette not all casinos would do this but some do. But if you have to play with a live dealer pick a easy denomination to play with and try to sit in the middle of the table!

      Rule of thumb to remember while playing if you hit 2 split and the G Spots hasn’t hit you yet I find the G Spot will come with in 5 to 7 spins and then it will split 2 to 3 numbers before repeat a similar pattern. Just watch the wheel or download Bet MGM or Draft King and with their live dealer for practice! that’s what I do and when I am ready I place a bet lol okay back to the system.

      Now we are on the 0 side you made your bet on and now you have to choice 7 numbers I would use the 7 numbers to cover the 00 side of the wheel where numbers that are not cover in the Holy Split! this is where the system becomes 2.0

      Single 0 side for $36 total bet!

      2/3 4/5 8/9 10/11 14/15 16/17 20/21 22/23 26/27 28/29 32/33 34/35 this is a total of $28
      7 numbers to bet on! $1
      00, 1, 7, 12, 13, 24, 36 this is a total of $7

      00 side for $36 total bet!
      1/2 5/6 7/8 11/12 13/14 17/18 19/20 23/24 25/26 29/30 31/32 35/36 this is a total of $28
      0, 4, 9, 10, 16, 27, 28 this is a total of $7

      When you hit a G Spot its $42 plus your bet back and if you hit a split its $34 plus your bet back for a push! and if you hit a number straight up its a push as well! so you only have 7 numbers that can whack you completely! I play $72 or $360 for comp value! I have made $200 into $7k by just playing it slow and knowing when to stop. A few spins per day on draft king you can build up your bank roll easy. Download a free slot game that has roulette in it and practice! good luck gamble response fully and
      when to walk is when you double your bank roll!

    2. @Darrin Schwartz I’d watch their Holy Splits video. The $4 would go on the column and the G-spot is when a number on the column and a split hits.

  5. Never never ever play around people with negative energy if your force isn’t strong.
    1. Change table
    2. Come back another time or day
    3. ‘Eliminate’ the negative energy source

  6. Thank you all for great videos, David, Alex and Lauren and all the team at CEG.
    I have a system for you.
    Name Ultimate grind.
    Pick a colour and stay with it. I will use Red. Wait for a black and one red. Bet 1 unit on red. Win and round is over. Loose super martingale bet. But wait for black and one red to do 2nd bet. If you get B, R, B, wait for 2 blacks so you don’t get caught with chop. Never bet on Red after a 0. Only after 1 or more blacks.
    Bank Roll. 1,013 units gives 9 chances. You need 9 single reds without a double red to loose. I am playing on Ultra Roulette app with virtual money and am 111 units up after 5,00 odd spins. No losses.
    Kind regards John

  7. Like any other moment on a Roulette table, sometimes the ball cooperates, sometimes it doesn’t. Chamba 2.0 is one of my favs from the earlier Alex/Timmy adventures. I LOVE the quick spin/edit format! It lets you get in a lot more spins for the vlog length! I know it’s a LOT more work for Dennis and/or Jett too. But still, it was pretty neat!

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