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  1. Almost doesn’t cut it in roulette. I lost $1400 today. That’s a lot for us low rollers 💸😭

  2. something doesn’t add up…. 50 on 2nd dozen , 20 on 17 and all around equates to 110 not 100

  3. I really don’t get the appeal of these 100% luck based games in casinos. They all are so obviously near impossible to win, and there is nothing you do to begin winning at these (and no “strategy” is going to guarantee a win, so it is still 100% luck based).

  4. You bet the numbers around 17 on the wheel not on the board. Rookie mistake.

    1. You have a point if there’s a slight bias or pattern at that time. For a random one and done here it’s same odds anyway.

  5. At least you didn’t yell out the number immediately after the ball landed. That’s rude!

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