We Had A JACKPOT Fiesta Inside Cosmopolitan Las Vegas!

My 18-Month Return Causes a MASSIVE PRIZE! HQ is at Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Today we are using & High Limitation . I also provide you a quick room tour of our penthouse. Enjoy!

I Lifted my Ban from Cosmopolitan Las Vegas !!

More about us … Explore the world of slots with us! While Las Vegas is our favorite playground, local likewise have a piece of our heart. From the pulse-racing enjoyment of and Lightning Link to the renowned Wheel of Fortune and Video Poker, we've tried our hand at them all.

Discover us in the high limit rooms, where we go after the excitement of high-stakes games. Each video captures the raw, live feeling of slot play, presented in a VLOG design. It resembles having a seat next to us at the gambling establishment!

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Don't play with cash you can not manage to lose. Please gamble properly. This is a home entertainment channel. Keep in mind that these are video games & you don't always win.

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We Had A JACKPOT Fiesta Inside Cosmopolitan Las Vegas!

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    1. Félicitations 🎊 Lady luck 🌹 tu est vraiment la meilleure et tu est tellement adorable et resplendissant aujourd’hui 🌹 bisous 💋 Sébastien ton plus grand fan 😊 français 🇨🇵

    2. Where are the ones with Blackjack. I can’t see them on your video site.

    3. @@redginge4840 it’s under my husband’s YT channel. Just search Dudeluck23 on YouTube

  1. The penthouse that I stayed in the last time in Vegas is nothing compared to this. Amazing. You have done a great job promoting this hotel.
    Thanks so much for sharing another great video.

  2. Congratulations 🎉I am so pleased for you both your videos are always amazing 😅

  3. Boulevard Penthouse so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Have a great day🎉 Get that max win🎉

  4. I love the quick vlog in the beginning, it makes the video more personal 🤩🤩

  5. Thanks for showing your amazing penthouse! What fun and congrats on the win!🎉

  6. Wow the penthouse was amazing, so happy you guys had a good time. Nice jackpot, let’s go!

  7. I love the extra footage outside of the casino, especially when you catch Miran smoking on the balcony

  8. We love the sick room tours! most of us dont get to see the epic suites other wise! thanks for sharing it

  9. haha there was one sentence in that video which probably excited you the most Francine…when Miran said ‘we’re off for dinner Frannie’…right at the end…great return to the Cosmo after 18 months and what a way to start the trip…happy hump day guys xx

  10. I appreciate the variety in your content. Whether it’s strategy discussions or game reviews, there’s always something new and interesting to learn.

  11. I love how Fran does her little victory dance after the big money win..she’s so dam cute!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  12. Great win and excellent stay in the penthouse, I bet It was a grand slam!🎉🎉🎉 In June of this year the wifey and I will cruise on the new sun princess to Europe for a 2 week itinerary. We also got the penthouse, complimentary of my past hilltop and rollercoaster donations !

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