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    1. No they put if way more then they win. Better ones to watch are people who show losses also.

    2. 60% of my videos are losses, Karen. Don’t spread fake news in my comments plz.

    3. @@LadyLuckHQ CONGRATS so very generous of you 🤗🤗 I’m sure that made her day. Ignore the Haters in the comments . Keep hitting the Jackpots 💵💵💵

  1. Love you guys so much! I’ve said it before and I will say it again you are the most generous couple with your winnings. You made that employee’s day! 😊❤

  2. Thank you guys for always tipping the slot/security techs. As a former security tech (not in Vegas), I was standing right next to a lady when she hit a state wide progressive jackpot for 1.3 million.
    I immediately became her and her husband’s concierge. I had to guard the machine while the gaming police verified the hit, which included waiting for three hours for an IGT tech to come and confirm the hit was valid.
    I arranged for champagne, the hotel’s best suite, breakfast and anything they wanted.
    She gave me and the slot techs a 1500 dollar floor tip. (split 70 30 techs vs. Security). When they finally got paid, after the floor closed at 2am, I escorted them to their room and spent the night outside their room until the floor opened at 7am. They tipped me, off the floor, 2k personally. It was a great night for all.

    1. So you did everything you could to keep them in your casino gambling and spending that money. What a saint 🤦‍♂️.

    2. @@terryblake4796 no actually she had to stay with the machine too. The damn machine was so freaking loud and obnoxious that after about an hour we both had major headaches. The machine was locked so you couldn’t turn it down. I was the one that arranged for housekeeping to bring a pillow to the machine so we could cover the speakers. Lol we duct taped the pillow over the speakers. We actually called the Gaming Police to make sure we could cover the speakers. The moral of the story, don’t have the machine volume turned to max if you hit a major.
      P.S. sounds like you’re a bit green with envy.

    3. You don’t get tipped when you one cares then . You give them your money ..why tip when you win ? The casino should pay you for doing your job..

  3. Aww, Ladyluck. You are so kind and generous. You’re a star!! Congratulations!!❤

  4. You set a good example of kindness & generosity. There are still good people in this world.

    1. Is this real? Who wins like this ever on slots?

      I won like $1300 at most over several hours of max bets 1 time . Where are you getting paid out 50gs? Lol

    2. @Chitown312 You have to remember how much they gamble, and how much they put in. They are bound to hit some big jackpots. The odds are in their favor because they play more often than most people because this is their business.😊

    3. @@SlottybyNature High limit too, this helps a great deal. The odds are better, I’m speaking from experience.

  5. That was very generous from you guys , the lady was so happy ❤🎉❤
    Congratulations 🎉

  6. You guys always tip the clerk , that’s doing a great job indeed 😮❤

  7. Congrats!!! Thanks for being such generous people and sharing your good luck! I’m sure it made a huge difference in her day to get $1000

    1. Realistically she probably got a fraction of that, because in a lot of casinos tips have to be shared between 5-10 people that work the same shift (or however many people work that day) @@bretwalton3963

  8. The tipping culture in America is crazy, even in places designed to take your money from you people still give it away when they get some back 😂

    1. ​​@@twobadapp2081Get a better job. Slot attendants not deserve big tips. A lot of other people are more deserving of the tips because they work harder jobs. Being a slot attendant is a piece of cake…

    2. The irony is that American foreign policy is seen as cold and violent, but by and large most Americans socially are kind compared to other nation’s people who wouldn’t even give you the time of day… 😒

    1. you can see there was 2 bills and she counted it at 3 so thats why it looked like 9 but she counted 10

    2. @@jeromyt6873 No. It was $900. Put the video on 0.25 speed and you’ll see that the third $100 bill fell back into the stack, not into her left hand. I originally thought the same thing, but at normal speed your eyes THINK there are 2 bills that come off when they actually don’t.

    3. @@swedishshortsnout5610 There were also two $100 bills left in her hand so adding up to 11 would make that a $900 tip…Still VERY generous!

    4. $900. Slow it down everyone but still a generous tip for just making sure the IRS gets their cut too.

  9. You gave her $1,000 for just handing you money she was supposed to count 😂

    1. The attendant has to share that with the other people who work in the cash cage.

    2. ​@delonicooper9504 no they dont….that is a complete lie. Cage cashiers have their own tip boxes.

  10. That was beyond kind and generous! You probably have no idea how much you helped someone .

    1. Helped several people a little bit, those tips get split up at end of week.

    2. ​@@donttrustwomeninmensclothi6765An extra $1,000 would go a hell of a long way for me, personally. Of course more money would be better, but I imagine this person was grateful for what they received.

  11. As a slot attendant we really appreciate the generosity it is by no means required for you to tip and being so generous is amazing

  12. Going by the women’s reaction from the $1000 I think you just helped someone without even knowing 👏❤️ respect

  13. Tipping people for doing there jobs that they get paid to do is fucking wild.

    1. She gets probably $60 of it…Its split between all the workers…All tips are

  14. What goes around comes around! You guys are very genuine and generous. I hope you keep winning.

  15. If more people did what you did, and acted in kindness we would be in a far different world. You guys rock!!!

  16. That’s very nice. Most people don’t tip them or just give minus 1% of there huge winnings but u have her a very generous tip ❤

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