The Game That Keeps Me Coming Back for More

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Prize Celebration is a free app, with tons of games you understand and love however doesn't use genuine money or money rewards. You'll earn numerous hours of enjoyable and thrill that will cheer up your day. Who needs anything more?!

The Game That Keeps Me Returning for More. is at The Hotel & in Tampa. Today we are using Ultimate Fire Link High Limitation Fruit Machine.

More about us … Explore the world of slots with us! While is our preferred playground, regional gambling establishments also have a piece of our heart. From the pulse-racing enjoyment of Dragon Link and Lightning Link to the renowned Wheel of Fortune and Video Poker, we have actually attempted our hand at them all.

Find us in the high limit spaces, where we go after the excitement of high-stakes video games. Each video catches the raw, live emotion of slot play, provided in a VLOG style. It's like having a seat beside us at the gambling establishment!

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Don't have fun with money you can not pay for to lose. Please gamble properly. This is a home entertainment channel. Remember that these are games & you do not constantly win.

© All uploads are the copyright of Kismet HQ. You do not have authorization to re-use or release any part of them without my composed permission.


The Game That Keeps Me Coming Back for More

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    1. I greet you from Azerbaijan. I play these games but I can’t withdraw money. Please help me.

  1. I really enjoy watching your videos, matter of fact you’re the only one that I watch daily.

  2. Oh no the 2 ladies are in the building it’s time 4 a jackpot good luck ladies 🎉

  3. It’s so nice to see you having a good time with your mum.
    Fire Link Cash Falls is not one of my personal games that I like but I wish you only the best. It is your money and it is not up to me to tell you what machines to play or not. Thanks for sharing another mother & daughter session. 😊

  4. Boa tarde Lady Luck! Que tudo de certo em sua vida! Que Deus te abençoe! Fica com Deus! Que tudo de certo no seu Dia a Dia!

  5. This game got me to play it once and I never went back…but watching you and your mom play was fun

  6. Damn button slapper. Can’t deal with those people. That is one of the hardest games. And it does suck u in. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Monday. ❤☘🥰☘❤

    1. Super super super annoying!!!! Like it does nothing except upset the people you’re near or break the buttons. 😒😒🙄

  7. TBH, I don’t understand why anyone plays the cash falls games. I think they are one of the worst slots in the Casino.

    1. Definitely designed to take advantage of the gambler-mind that releases a hit of dopamine on “Almosts”

    2. Sorry to be negative. None of those “very close” screens were close. Software places symbols where it looks like you “just missed”. It’s the cleverness of the machine programmers to make it look like it’s almost paying, to keep us interested in playing it.

  8. Ahh mom and daughter slot time…love a bit of ladies night at the casino…that game is certainly a teaser keep you right there doesnt it…hope you are all having an awesome Monday xx

  9. You and hubby are fun to watch and I love it when your mom, Lou plays, too!
    I miss going to the casino’s with my mom…she’s in Heaven now with my dad and brother.
    My mom’s name was Betty Lou and she would’ve loved playing these games with you and your mom!
    Blessings to the both of you🌹🌹

    1. Thanks so much!! I really am lucky to be able to share these moments with my mom. I am so sorry about your mom 💕

  10. All your old videos are popping up in my feed, just want to tell you I love the spirit of generosity you have along with including your family and friends in your adventures! So much fun to watch good things happening for you! Best of luck and thanks for sharing!

  11. LL, I absolutely love it when u & mama @LuckyLou Slots play together, u both are so fun to watch & it makes my day!!

  12. I wouldnt even blame someone who posted wins only(even in “Wins” you guys lose plenty) This would also be in context with the major risk and losses that come with gambling. Thank you for the video!

  13. Omg the button slapper…😮. I love when you and your mom hang out.

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