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  1. I’m listening to the song and I’m thinking how lucky you are, greetings from little Latvia

  2. 😂😂😂 that game is intentionally rigged just like all claw games

  3. What’s crazy the claw opens up to drop the ball on purpose!🤯Watch it !

    1. These machines have a pressure rig that makes sure more money is made then given away. After enough $$$ is spent the claw gets abunch of pressure and it’s like an iron clamp. The next person is a winner and then the next 1000 are losers

    2. @@MWAclanGamingbc that’s how gambiling works , the house is meant to win . You noob

    3. Just like a slot machine it’s random. It randomizes when it gives enough pressure to actually hold the ball.

  4. The grips on a claw machine are very loose. Grabbing the ball or prize closest the the chute is usually your best bet.

    1. Has nothing to do with that in this game it’s a slot machine claw if your gonna win you don’t even have to pick up the ball you will win

  5. As someone who played $100 total but doing $10 bets…I came out with $870. Always go for the closer one. Less travel time and more likely to make the trip

  6. This is the biggest scam in an casino, laundromat and arcade. Stay away!!

  7. The claw opens at the top. It’s right as it stops so it won’t be noticed

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