OMG It WORKED!! $100 Into 10 Slot Machines In Vegas!

$100 Into 10 Slot Machines In Vegas AND IT WORKED

Kismet HQ is at XYZ Hotel & in .

Today we are playing on ABC High Limitation Fruit Machine.

More about us … Explore the world of fruit machine with us! While is our favorite playground, regional gambling establishments also have a piece of our heart. From the pulse-racing enjoyment of Dragon Link and Lightning Link to the iconic Wheel of Fortune and Video Poker, we've attempted our hand at them all.

Find us in the high limitation rooms, where we go after the excitement of high-stakes video games. Each video catches the raw, live feeling of slot play, provided in a VLOG style. It resembles having a seat next to us at the gambling establishment!

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Wish to see more live slot play from slots on her – YOU MUST SEE THIS NEXT !!!!

Don't play with money you can not afford to lose. Please gamble responsibly. This is an entertainment channel. Keep in mind that these are video games & you do not always win.

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OMG It WORKED!! $100 Into 10 Slot Machines In Vegas!

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  1. Ummmmm, how are you guys playing? If you do 4 times 25 and then move on, anything you won from those spins you keep. Maybe I’m missing it but I love watching you guys.

    1. Yea… they totally abandoned the original plan of the game to see of they could hit with $100.00 using only a $25.00 bet. Once they hit pull the ticket and move on to the next game and $100.00

    2. I agree they should have just collected whatever they gain from the $100 each game

  2. Забавный челендж! Я всё время хотел продолжения и не смог бы остановиться на 100$. Вы молодцы, что снимаете интересное видео! 😊

    1. Glad to hear, I will have to do this again in the future! I had so much fun!

  3. I’m enjoying this y’all playing different games congratulations on the jackpot you did hit I’ll see you in the next one

  4. That was fantastic LL and DL your ROI was small but the fun you two have is all most of us care about. 😀😀😀

  5. I used to do these challenges before where I’ll take $100 into a machine and do 20 spins at $5 each spin, or as close to $5 as possible to get 20 total spins. At the end of 20 spins, I’ll cash out, no matter what the balance is, and if I was on a bonus on that last 20th spin, will cash out immediately after the bonus regardless of how much it won me. It was a great way to set a limit, challenge myself and have a ton of fun in doing so.

  6. Imagine working security , and watching dude and lady luck just walking in circles around the casino floor 😂😂

  7. Good luck LL and hubby “Let’s win a Jackpot “ ☘️☘️💰💰💰❤️❤️😊😊

  8. I always call this kind of playing: “I am shopping”

    Really fun to watch, love it😍

  9. took a break from studying for law school finals to watch this! this is my entertainment for the day

  10. This was fun, am liking the different ideas to spice things up. Hope yall are well, the pups and the folks too, have a great weekend yall.

    1. Lonely evening as usual lol but still grateful! Thanks for the laughs yall ✌🏼

    2. I know what numbers will come up on roulette@@LadyLuckHQ I know what numbers will come up on roulette

  11. I love watching your videos , brings back memories of when my partner before he passed away used to play slots at the casino the fun we had ..Much love from Canada

  12. Great idea for a challenge guys loved all the slot hopping…even more as you came away from a 45 minute challenge with a profit…happy Sunday guys xx

  13. Touching all of the chances at once is the way I always choose the bonus 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

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