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  1. With that wager//betting anything can happen! Congratulations you two!! 10K and more!! 🎉❤🎉

  2. Congratulation you in $10 million good relation you are a good winner. Good job keep money up.

  3. Ты красавица наша,ес ко цавт танем!!! 😊😘❤

  4. Hi madam y you are so pretty.. Merry xmas will you merry me.. Charot .. Im you top fans here in philippines .. ❤

  5. Early Christmas 🎄 present!!! Yay! Can’t believe 2023 coming to an end!!Happy Christmas

  6. I love watching your videos I’m a huge fan since I can only dream of hitting that big wishing for a hand pay or to just go out the Hard rock and play one day

    1. Thank you so much for your support!! I really hope you get the chance to go play and I hope you win really big when you do go!!

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