New High Limit Room In Las Vegas & I CRUSHED It!

New High Limitation Room In & I CRUSHED It! Kismet HQ is at The Venetian Hotel & in .Today we are playing on then move to Dragon Link High Limit Fruit Machine.

More about us … Look into the world of slot machines with us! While Las Vegas is our favorite playground, regional gambling establishments also have a piece of our heart. From the pulse-racing enjoyment of Dragon Link and Lightning Link to the iconic Wheel of Fortune and Video Poker, we have actually attempted our hand at them all.

Find us in the high limitation spaces, where we chase the thrill of high-stakes video games. Each video catches the raw, live feeling of slot play, presented in a VLOG design. It resembles having a seat next to us at the gambling establishment!

Love Vegas Vlogs? So do we! For real-time gambling establishment adventures, follow our experiences on social networks. And if you're plotting your next Vegas trip, our channel might just point you to the perfect casino.

Lovie Dovie has his own channel @DudeLuck23 Offer him a follow =-RRB-.

Wish to see more live slot play from on her slot channel– YOU MUST SEE THIS NEXT !!!! I Couldn't Believe My Eyes 120X High Stakes Slots Prize!

Do not have fun with cash you can not pay for to lose. Please gamble properly. This is an entertainment channel. Remember that these are video games & you don't constantly win.

© All uploads are the copyright of Lady Luck HQ. You do not have permission to re-use or release any part of them without my written authorization.


In Las Vegas & I CRUSHED It!

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  1. Got the hair foofing, the tour of the limit room DL’s jokes and some spicy jackpots- Monday morning here starts with a smile always with you both, much aroha from Auckland, NZ

  2. I love seeing other people win. I could never understand people who were jealous or just envious of others. I absolutely love when you guys hit it big. I don’t think everyone realizes how much money it takes just to get a couple of real good winning videos. I’m sure your not coming out ahead with the gambling, but I hope the super chats and other money you make through YouTube makes it profitable for you guys. You both seem so sweet. Love your videos.

    1. Good point. I agree. Over the long term, gambling is a wash at best, but they are doing what they love to do and they were surely gamblers before the youtube channel, so they would be gambling regardless. The channels don’t make much money and donations don’t pay the bills, but the bigger money is endorsements, usually gambling websites. At least they are doing what they love to do and I think that’s the most important thing. They love the gambling and they love the attention of being youtube famous. Nothing wrong with that. The free food, airfare, limo rides and penthouse suites are a bonus too!

    2. Thanks for the comment. LL and LD are truly wonderful people. Most of the negative comments are from people who have no other “forum” and/or audience . They come here and get up on their soap box and preach about the plight of the poor and less fortunate. I really feel pity for them.

  3. Miran is one of the sweetest most positive people I’ve ever seen. Francine you got a great husband.

    1. I saw them playing the other day but they were deep into it/didn’t want to bother them. One thing I will say is that they’re both even better looking in person. A striking couple for sure. 👌

  4. I watched your channel almost all night last night 😁 crazy how time flies when your having fun. Good luck guys and keep winning 💪🎉🎉

  5. Blessings for lady luck and hubby may your coffers be filled with grand jackpots every time you hit the spin button in 2024 and all your viewers too

  6. Nice line hit. Congrats 👏. Awesome 5,000 dollar orb.Congrats.💃. Congrats on your Jackpots. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Sunday nite. ❤☘🥰☘❤

  7. God bless you both I love watching you both playing. I love seeing you both winning So once again God bless you both get that money

  8. I love seeing you win. You are truly gorgeous and your energy is infectious

  9. Good luck Lady Luck and hubby 💰💰💰☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️❤️😊

  10. Hey great hit. At 10;33 and the little dance was spot on cute. Please do it again. !!! And win .. of course.

  11. Love you guys!!! The Sonny & Cher of the one arm bandits. ❤❤❤

  12. I love you
    you guys ! Y’all are so fun and are great together! I love your hair, it frames your face so beautiful. Marin , you are great!

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