Most EPIC Group Slot Pull in Vegas History!

Kismet HQ is at The Cosmopolitan Hotel & in . Join us on a memorable experience in the heart of Las Vegas where we coordinate with our closest friends for the supreme fruit machine difficulty. We begin with $1,500 Each and have such an impressive run on the slots !!

Have you ever questioned what would occur if a group of buddies pooled their money and handled Vegas fruit machine together? Well, you're about to learn! In this video, we journey through the dazzling lights of Vegas gambling establishments, test our luck on five different slot machines, and go for the grand prize. What started as a fun gamble quickly developed into the most EPIC group slot pull in Vegas history! ✨.

From our preliminary bets to the awesome minute we recognized we struck gold, come experience every heart beat, high-five, and surprised expression. This isn't just a win for us, however a testimony to what can take place when friends come together and share a dream. So, strap in, grab some popcorn, and witness a Vegas story like no other. And hey, if you enjoy our wild trip, do not forget to strike that 'Like' button and subscribe for more adventures!

Today we are playing on A number of High Limit Slot Machines.
00:00 – 00:42 Intro.
00:43 – 09:34 High Limit Wheel Of Fortune.
09:35 – 19:53 Double Top Dollar.
19:45 – 25:34 Piggy Bankin'.
25:35 – 40:26 Double Leading Dollar.
40:27 – 01:00:21 Buffalo Link.

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More about us … Explore the world of slot machines with us! While Las Vegas is our preferred play area, local casinos also have a piece of our heart. From the pulse-racing excitement of Dragon Link and Lightning Link to the iconic Wheel of Fortune and Video Poker, we have actually attempted our hand at them all.

Discover us in the high limitation spaces, where we chase after the adventure of high-stakes games. Each video records the raw, live emotion of slot play, presented in a VLOG style. It resembles having a seat beside us at the !

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Don't play with cash you can not afford to lose. Please gamble properly. This is a home entertainment channel. Bear in mind that these are video games & you do not constantly win.

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Most EPIC Group Slot Pull in Vegas History!

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  1. Wheel of fortune is one of the all time best slot machines they ever came out with I’m sure everyone has played this machine before..,super fun machine especially when it says spin

  2. Congratulations on grand jackpot and all of the winning the group had won that night.

  3. Loved all the Top Dollars and Buffalo whole Link ending, GRAND!! You all are fun too watch. ❤

  4. It’s so awesome to see you can still get excited hitting jackpots even after as many as you two have won.

    1. It takes several thousand button pushes to see a grand. But when that magical moment happens, it’s beyond… Epic!! I’ve only had the opportunity to hit one grand.

    2. @@TheWorldAccordingtoJim I’ve only ever hit the mega on fire link, equivalent to the grand, it was an amazing trip though, I won 4K on the machine next the the one I won the mega on while I was waiting to get paid out, I won 6 hand pays that night.

  5. That was the most exciting video that I’ve seen in a long time. Tyvm for sharing 😂

  6. That was amazing! Congrats to you guys! So much fun and I loved all the bonuses you guys got throughout the whole video.

  7. That was ABSOLUTELY the BEST!! You guyz are amazing lots of FUN!! Thank you!!

  8. I don’t comment on things very often but this video was a lot of fun to watch all the way through with a great ending. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Congratulations LL&LD finally a grand jackpot you’ve guys have earned that and then some. I am so ecstatic for you both. I thought this day would never come. One of my top 5 favorite videos. Keep up the good work. Love watching all your videos.

  10. It’s so much fun watching lady luck the best entertainment in the business lots of luck to all of you 🙏❤️

  11. Winning the grand on the free feature. I don’t know if I would have stopped playing that night, AMAZING!!

  12. Way to go to all 4 of you so good to finally see you win the Grand Jackpot I’ve now won it 6 times as I got it again yesterday 🙂 🙂 ❤❤

  13. Holy smokes, the ending, I think my jaw hit the floor on that one, amazing wins, congrats!!!

  14. I have seen alot of these types of Videos but. this one is by far the best out there..My wife and I were so happy for you kids! In one part of it your gf says “I just feel really blessed right now”..Very nice to hear !! The back to back to back jackpots were incredible. The 4 of you had the best chemistry under the stars..Cheers!

    1. Awww Thank you so much for saying that! I really appreciate your kind words.

  15. Crazy session! Loved all of you! 😍 such energy with all of you together…wish I was there but “we”, your loyal fans, live vicariously through these videos. Stay healthy and keep posting. 😘

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