Lady Was So Salty That We Won A Jackpot On The Game She Left!!

Have These Old-fashioned Games Reached Their Peak Of Perfection. If you're feeling salted today, then you need to watch this video! It's the funniest story ever and it'll make you laugh out loud. Girl was so salty that we won a on the game she left, and we could not be more grateful! If you're ever feeling salty, see this video and you'll feel much better immediately! is at The Venetian Hotel & Gambling Establishment in Las Vegas.Today we are playing on Pin Ball & High Limitation Slot Machine. These are some old school games! We land severl reward games and several prizes! These Traditional Games still have that Vegas feel !! Enjoy this video

More about us … We like to play fruit machine at the . We like Vegas however also play at regional casinos. We play all games such as Dragon Link, Lightning Link, Huff n' Puff, Wheel of Fortune, Video Poker, reel video games, Lock it Link, Leading Dollar and numerous many more. We play High Limit games so you can constantly find me in the high limit room aka high-stakes gambler room at the gambling establishment. All videos are taped live then published to the channel … of sorts This video is tape-recorded VLOG design so you feel like you are in fact playing the video games with me. You know we enjoy our Vegas Vlogs so ensure to follow us on social networks for amazing gambling establishment experiences. Attempting to prepare your next Vegas Getaway have a look at this casino.

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Don't have fun with money you can not pay for to lose. Please gamble responsibly. This is an entertainment channel. Remember that these are video games & you do not constantly win.

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Lady Was So Salty That We Won A Jackpot On The Game She Left!!

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  1. Back to back on Top dollar was awesome!! Love the content keep it comin’

  2. Congrats on your handpays 👏. 200.00 a spin is alot! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Friday nite. ❤☘🍻☘❤

  3. I was in Vegas and won the major on a machine that a guy had just left. He said he lost 400 bucks in it so I gave him his 400 back…. He was so happy!

    1. You are an APPRECIATIVE GAMBLER ! I think kindness that is truly from the heart & is RETURNED BY GOD 😊👍

    2. What a kind and generous gesture, you will be blessed with more winnings!🥰👍

  4. I’ve been watching and enjoying your channel and content for about 2 years now, and I just discovered TODAY that you were my contact in your previous career when I managed a CDJR store! I let out an audible OMG when it hit me, LOL. Glad you fared well on those Venetian HL Room Top Dollars. They were not kind my last night there swinging for the fences back in December.

  5. Good luck you guys have a wonderful weekend young couple 👍🙏🙏🙏

  6. Love you guys…little reckless the last few bets, LL. I imagine that there was a lively discussion after play! Lol.

    1. @@juantorres847 not a very respectful thing to say, old chap. Lady Luck is precisely that…a lady.

    2. ​@@AS-by8ee well it would depend on how you read it. I read it as time with lady luck(like The Cooler) you read it as Indecent Proposal.

  7. Woohoo old school…when they are hot they can be FIRE!!!!…happy Saturday guys xx

  8. I have a rule, when I walk away from a machine I don’t look back.. It’s ALWAYS bad when you look back😂🤣😂🤣

    1. When I walk away from John ( silent John) it ALWAYS works out well for him🤣 so I do that frequently 😜

    2. HAHAHAHA i have the same rule. if i wanna stay a bit longer, i gamble far away from the machine i just spend money on. NEVER LOOKING BACK

  9. Good luck 🤞 guys love ya both hope you guys are doing well and ok 👌 how’s your mom Franny and all your pets 👍🍀🎰💵🐶🐶♥️🙋‍♀️🌈

  10. You can always tell when someone’s being legit genuine or salty. 😂 You just know.

  11. *ooohwheeee, he went on full tilt!*

    *it’s good to show the gamble the risk and the loss because that’s reality but y’all do really well it’s incredible. Stay steady! Don’t get wrecked.*

  12. You are the best nobody else would have done that that’s why I love you all

  13. my favorite thing to do at the casino is to jump on a machine after someone leaves it just to see the look on their face when I start winning

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