Is Getting a 4 Flag Bonus Game Bad Luck for JACKPOTS?

Is Getting a 4 Flag Reward Video Game Bad Luck?

Lady Luck HQ is at The Hard Rock Hotel & Gambling Establishment in Tampa FL

Today we are playing on aka Dragon Cash High Limitation Slots. We were celebrating reaching 200,000 customers by going to the casino. We ended up in the high-stakes gambler space aka high limitation space on the money games we land a couple of benefit video games and a jackpot handpay. After we win on this game we transfer to Dancing Drums and win a bonus game and a jackpot hadpay … But the concerns I ask is when you get a 5 flag bonus offer– do you consider it bad luck ?!

More about us … We like to play slots at the casino. We like Vegas however also dip into local gambling establishments. We play all video games such as Dragon Link, Lightning Link, Huff n' Puff, Wheel of Fortune, Video Poker, reel video games, Lock it Link, Leading Dollar and numerous a lot more. We play High Limitation video games so you can always find me in the high limit space aka high roller space at the gambling establishment. Remember that these are video games & you do not always win.

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Is Getting a 4 Flag Bonus Game Bad Luck for JACKPOTS?

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  1. On Century or Lightening Links with 4 in the bonus, II don’t get excited as it always seems to pay very poorly.


  3. Don’t mess with the boss lady when the flags start flying, just move out of her way and let her do her thing

  4. I like 3 flags for the feature to start then getting 4 flags as a retrigger. I think I got 10 additional games. I looked up and all of a sudden I had 14 games!

  5. Had the four flag twice last time at the casino and it barely paid, I was sick. Only thing worse was the five Autumn moons and made zero!

  6. I found if four are hit there is a period of time before and after they are hit that just takes your money with very minimal payout.

  7. That is how some game are .it let u win and then it take it all back .o well😀🥃.

  8. I’m in Tampa tonight. Having the gambling itch. Would love to see yall gamble in person and do a few $250 smacks with ya.

  9. Congrats on your Jackpots👏. So I heard u talking about taking the 🎈on the plane. Was it your bday? I’ve only gotten a 4 trigger on DD. And the bonus was bad😥 but it was good to u guys. Thanks for sharing. Hope u are having a wonderful Friday nite. ❤☘🧨☘❤

  10. We’re yall playing in the main floor high limit with million dollar progressive or floor one. Upstairs high limit or via high limit

  11. Hi Lady Luck! I GOT MY FIRST EVER GRAND JACKPOT ON GOLDEN CENTURY SLOTS!!! I can’t believe on the 6th & final spin of my red flag bonus, that a full sceeen of orbs appeared on the screen landing myself a 23.5k jackpot! And only on a $2.50 one cent bet, pinch me I’m dreaming!!! Love your channel, keep up the great work & best of luck as always!

    1. Wowowow!!! Congrats 🎉🎉🎉🎉 That’s amazing to hear!!! Well done

    2. @Lady Luck HQ thank you Lady Luck! It was so unexpected! Appreciate you taking the time to reply! You guys are the best!

  12. Congrats to you young lady y’all have a wonderful weekend 🙋🍍💜

  13. Slot machines are designed to give you small wins and encourage you to put more notes in when you’ve run out of money, so that the big win seems to be just a few more spins away…..

  14. Happy Saturday LL…have to say the 4 symbol jackpot never seems to pay well…no matter what the bet size or denom…so waiting to see you guys hit a 5 symbol bonus and win big…xx

  15. A little part of me gets sad when I get the 4 trigger mostly in my experience it’s meant a relatively reasonable or bad bonus. I think yours was good in relation to the bet maybe but the overall play of the machine that session coulda been better. Glad you got the handy tho . Now a five trigger can be a totally different thing look what happened to Bomba on miss Cleo omg 100k 😜 have a great weekend Francine 💋

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