I ACCIDENTALLY Left $4K In A Slot Machine, And Walked Away…

Do Not DO This EVER!! Learn From My Error. Kismet HQ is at Hard Rock Hotel & in Tampa FL Today we are using Fire Link . We remain in the high limit space using some totally free play when we decide to get up and more makers … We left our entire bankroll in this slots and left it … What occurs next is a Wonder!!! Thankfully my mama existed @luckylouslots6208 she had the ability to conserve the day– View this video to see how this playing out !!

More about us … We like to play slot machines at the gambling establishment. We like Vegas but also play at regional gambling establishments. We play all video games such as Dragon Link, Lightning Link, Huff n' Puff, Wheel of Fortune, Video Poker, reel video games, Lock it Link, Top Dollar and many more. We play High Limit games so you can always discover me in the high limit room aka high-stakes gambler room at the gambling establishment. All videos are taped live then posted to the channel … Live slot play of sorts This video is recorded VLOG style so you seem like you are in fact playing the video games with me. You understand we like our Vegas Vlogs so make certain to follow us on social media for interesting adventures. Trying to plan your next Vegas Getaway have a look at this gambling establishment.

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I ACCIDENTALLY Left $4K In A , And Walked Away…

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  1. I love watching all of your videos Lady Luck and I even bought your merchandise as well

  2. I did the same thing with my remaining Freeplay after I cashed out, but a casino employee tracked me down through my players club card.

  3. Love UFL power 4. I always play China street and Olivia Street. Can’t believe the casino didn’t lock that machine. At bluechip I left my ticket in the machine. And 3 minutes later a lady told me I left money in the machine and they locked it up. So I had to go put my card in and they unlocked it. Not once but twice🙄. Congrats on your handpays 👏. Thanks for sharing and hope u and hubby have a wonderful Monday nite. ❤☘🥰☘❤

  4. Wow, Can’t believe that happened! LOL… That Was Fun Y’all.
    I liked that game. Thx Much, Alex from Miami

  5. I left $40 in the machine last year .I went to the bathroom and it was gone ,I had my seat turned around Told security they said the man had left give me your information they called me two days later they said we got the guy They told him to pay the 40 bucks or he was banned from the casino so he paid .The new facial recognition caught him on camera.

    1. That was lucky! I dropped a $910 ticket and realized it when I got to the next machine – they saw it all on security cameras but the guy who picked it up had already cashed out and was gone. Casino “said” they got his license plate driving out and would watch for him to come back but I never heard another word from them. I followed up several times but never got anywhere with it 😢

    2. Not all casinos put it back on your card yet. Several I go to still is only playable on the machine you put it in for….so I always test the machine with my own money first. But I have been stupid and left a very large ticket in the machine but was able to get it back even thou someone else was trying to claim it as theirs. The casino traced it to my players club card and used cameras. Of course while they were checking, the other person disappeared….

    3. There are people that walk around looking for money in machines $4,000 down to 10 cents they are on it.

  6. Love that Win y’all are kicking Them michines tail 🙋🥰🥰👍

  7. SECURITY!!!! Didn’t he know cameras are everywhere? Give mom a tip and a drink.😁

  8. I found over $400 in a machine once and there wasn’t a soul around, I hit the service light and they were able to find the person who had left their money in the machine. Took a while but it worked out and the old gal very very happy to get the money back. I will say though security was giving me some very strange looks, lol

    1. Lol sometimes I think they aren’t use to people being so honest and kind.

  9. Mom to the rescue! Glad you recovered your free play. I know on a lot of machines if you put all of your free play in at one time you must play it. It will only let you cash out your winnings.

  10. Yey mama got ur back LL…glad that all worked out OK for you…ultimate fire link was making you work hard there…glad you managed to recoup most fo your starting stake…happy Tuesday guys xx

  11. The same thing happened to me at Bally’s AC. Fortunately, I only moved over one machine. When I realized my free play wasn’t on my card, I checked the other machine & it was still there. A lady who saw me get up, was standing over the machine looking at it. She was debating whether to use my money. It worked out because I ended up getting two jackpots on that machine. 🙂

  12. Aww No way! Someone even tried to play your credits an redeem them but mama stepped in an told dude to beat feet. Thanks to maw! Lol. Glad you all was able to save what you had left on the machine.

  13. It was noisy and I loved it. Watched on my pc so I could crank up the volume. Felt like I was there.
    Nice catch mom.

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