is at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Gambling Establishment in Las Vegas. We remain in the high limitation space and we simply won a CRAZY PRIZE– This video is an educational video on Quick Pay aka Quick Pay … There were so many remarks publicly made on one of my short form videos that I concerned the conclusion that the public has NO IDEA that Quick Pay is even an option for them in the casino. I needed to respond due to the fact that I am getting roasted in the remarks and I am not about to be FakeNews! Not every Casino has this feature but when it is provided to me I constantly utilize it!

Today we are using Dragon link . If you want to see how I won this ticket aka please watch this video. WHOA! Ludicrous Resurgence & I WIN a MASSIVE Prize on Dragon Cash Before Vegas Knights Video Game !!

More about us … We like to play fruit machine at the casino. We like Vegas however also dip into local casinos. We play all games such as Dragon Link, Lightning Link, Huff n' Puff, Wheel of Fortune, Video Poker, reel video games, Lock it Link, Leading Dollar and many more. We play High Limitation games so you can always discover me in the high limitation room aka high roller room at the casino. Remember that these are games & you do not constantly win.

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WHOA! Ridiculous Return & I WIN a MASSIVE JACKPOT on Dragon Money Before Vegas Knights Video Game !!

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#VEGAS #JACKPOT #CASINO What is quick pay?

big win.


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    1. Come on Haters, do you really think the Casinos want a high limit player waiting around to get paid? Casinos want someone playing a $100 per spin to keep spinning! Winning $1200 and not playing for 30 minutes is totally counter productive for them. 1200 bucks is only 12 spins they could easily play that back in 90 seconds.

    2. Lady Luck, these comments prove how ignorant and uninformed people are. It’s easier to comment then to get educated. Even a quick google search would tell you about fast pay. Keep doing you!

    3. Its all fake even the house its all GREEN SCREEN BACKGROUND ACTORS CASINO IN A STUDIO

    4. Hallelujah!!! Thanks for schooling the ignorant 😁 Unfortunately there are those who like to trash talk people because they are jealous of others success. Keep being you!! ❤️

  1. Don’t worry about what the haters are saying, you know you’re amazing! Keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. Great job detailing how fast pay works. As a regular at cosmopolitan, everything you said is valid 👍

  3. Unfortunately too many people enjoy being negative. Your channel is my favorite channel and although I don’t bet anywhere near the amounts that you do, it is exciting to watch. Keep playing and keep on winning the big ones! I hope someday I am in Vegas when you are and I can meet you and “lovey dovey”.

  4. I absolutely love it when you do these type of videos! You are an inspiration to many people in the slot community 🙋‍♀️ Keep winning BIG!

  5. Its nice to see you educate those that think they know it all. Keep winning those huge jackpots

  6. Amazing how small minded people can be. Great channel, great entertainment.

  7. Geeeze…..Can’t we all just get along????
    Some people, smh! You’re absolutely correct about the Tito. Love you guys! Thanks for what you do! Blessings from WI 🤗😇🙏💙💙💙💙

  8. It’s amazing to me how people automatically think they know all and then judge others. …I’m not a high roller but I figured this out by watching your videos.

    1. @DDD Pheth in some casinos in WA unless you hit $10,000 they don’t do tax. I know I’m a high roller in my state 😂 Wait no every state I go to I high roll 😂

    2. @Rick T yes you are super correct you must high roll like me to 😂 I pretty much kinda of said the same thing 😂

    3. @Laurel Holiday I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m a high roller, but I live and work here in Las Vegas and spend my days off gambling.

  9. Well said Francine. You’re beautiful inside and out. A lot of people make unnecessary comments on every channel. But I guarantee they would not say them to your face in person. Keep doing you and Miriam ❤️❤️


  11. WOW young lady you are really special. The way you handled that was so proper, you weren’t defensive or demeaning at all though some of the comments would have made me get angry.
    I feel that those accusers should Apologize promptly

  12. This is why you are thee best LLHQ!!You not only keep us entertained, as well as educating those who are uninformed. Hopefully this helps clarify things for those people. Thank you. Keep continuing moving forward on your successful journey!! Have a great night. Always remember you inspire so many! Take care.

  13. Thanks so much for the information to the people who have no idea of how the real world works. Love you two and will support you on all platforms

  14. Way to go LL for standing up for yourself politely, yet firm. And also for calling out the unnecessary and hurtful comments. Forget them! The rest of us LOVE YOU❣️❣️

  15. I love your attitude.You go straight the point and you’re kind about it . Never made schooling someone look so classy. Keep up the great videos and have fun you guys.😉

  16. One of the best videos you’ve made this year, and I loved your sarcastic narration voice when reading out some of the ignorant comments 🙂

    Keep doing you, Francine and Miran!!!!!

  17. Glad you took a stand against the negative nancies. I’ve learned a lot about gambling from your channel you go beautiful girl! Keep those wins and videos a coming!

  18. Way to go for standing up for yourself. Anyone who has been watching you and your husband for as long as we have knew you weren’t lying!!

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