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  1. OMG haven’t played roulette in years!! 😂 gather all your lucky numbers and try again later😊

  2. I’m a roulette fan and I love that watch! Even if it’s not lucky its super cool

  3. Your system is just as good as the Martingale and Fibonnaci Strategy. Don’t be discouraged. 😊

    1. @@LadyLuckHQ hey every betting system has a 1 in 37 chances of winning.
      Yours could be the next big thing. 😊

  4. I played the same machine the other day. I was down. And Roulette brought me back to life! Great choice

  5. The last time I played that exact machine I lost 20 spins in a row so gave up

  6. That ball sure stuck in that 27 spot real quick and hard… maybe should’ve bounced a little unless physics are suspended in that little bubble.

  7. That wheel may as well be connected straight to the central bank 😬

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