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  1. Wow that was a cheap Panda bonus! Best of luck next round 😊

  2. Then finally when you get addicted all what you have are gone bcause of gambling. Believe me, sooner or later

  3. Good video. Let everyone know it’s not all bells whistles and handpays. It’s take a beating and sometimes it’s in waves. It lasts. Good luck and love your videos ❀

  4. Casino Renovations aren’t cheap and never FREE. Thanks for the ‘donation’ πŸ˜‰

  5. Winners never quit and quitter never win lady luck is always a winner

  6. And for most ppl it’s like this most of the time !!..big wins r far and in between!better luck next time!

  7. So typical. Had a worse experience on a $25 bet last week. Down $1,200, got paid less than 3X bet on the bonus.

  8. Im so scaree of slots especially those link games…..they take ur money in seconds not minutes.

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