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    1. @@LadyLuckHQ Francie, if I may with your permission of course, I’d like to handle blankford? You have to be as diplomatic as possible, but I don’t, I won’t be obnoxious or rude.

    1. They would not go broke… Do you see how much he bets per hand ? come on now…. It will just bring her more Good karma to tip them well, they work hard for a living !!

    2. Well it’s “typical” to tip 20% in the casino after a jackpot. Of course, “they” don’t think so. They lose A LOT.

    3. @@sherrielson517 you know they play few hours every day right? If they tip 10k when they hit a 50k jackpot their tip alone would average 20-30k per day. And you’re saying they wouldn’t go broke if they tip 10m a year? They’re spending money for content, that’s their full time job. Tipping few hundred dollars is already way too much in my point of view.

    4. @@sherrielson517 You are uneducated and baby IT SHOWS! These 2 tip horribly most of the time. Trust me I work at the casino. Smh!

  1. Don’t forget to be humble. Next time I lose I will ask the casino to tip me.

  2. You and your husband are a very generous … I always remember to tip as well… Good things come to good people! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

    1. @@LadyLuckHQ I wish where I work, making their sandwiches, people were like you. I bust my butt for them, and I get ZIP!!

  3. ❤❤❤❤you are a generous tipper as I would do that too 🎉🎉!!!
    Congratulations 🎉❤🎉

  4. Love seeing you tip the worker gd things always comes to those who are kind and generous ❤

  5. I once got a chewed piece of gum put in my hand. They said the tip was, don’t take candy from strangers. Lol some people suck.

  6. I know people will jump all over me but I don’t tip..I took the risk and I won…all they did was their job and bring me the money…if I LOSE its not like their generous and give me 10% back if I ask to try again

  7. Sometimes when I FINALLY hit, I am just getting my money back. But I still tip.
    You all are so generous.
    Love your energy, smiles, giggles!
    Does hubby still play? I use to watch his Saturday videos but haven’t gotten a notification in awhile.

  8. As a person who has tipped after a big win-Remember, before you do, make sure there is a slot supervisor there. Slot attendants cannot accept tips without them being there. I tip when, for instance, I hit a huge Super Bowl bet, and the Sports Book supervisor has to be on site to witness this.

    1. @@terryw007 You have to notify the supervisor that you’re going to tip the slot attendant, or race/sports writer.

  9. I ALWAYS tip wait staff at restaurants, but I never tip at a casino. I brought the money, I worked the machine.

    All the employee did was……their job

  10. Muy atenta al dar propina habla mucho de su empatía ❤😂😂❤❤❤

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