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  1. I seen a utuber buy 6 350 bonuses and out of the 6 they got 2 🐷 and won 575. But the other 5 they didn’t get their bet back. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Tuesday nite. ❤☘🥰☘❤

    1. Sooooo I have a 40 minute video coming out soon where I buy over 50 $350 bonuses in the video!!!

    2. @@LadyLuckHQ oh no i sure hope you won D and and lovey. Its a bad game .

    3. ​@@sheliadrennan653I have 3 hand pays on this game, and 1 on the dragon/coin version

  2. I’m glad you’re showing this to us Lady Luck 🍀 but I don’t think I’ll buy a feature it’s takes most of the fun out of it and you know they’re definitely not all going to be good 👍! Keep it up

    1. Because this bonus pays like if you hit the bonus on min bet in the main game. It’s terrible. It’s hard just to get your bet back.

    2. They think if you pay for a bonus they are guaranteed to at least get $300 back 😂 love the classic bait

  3. Nice 👍 going you guys that was amazing 🐢😎🌹🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  4. Love that hubby is reassuring. “It’s ok”.
    You’re a good guy Miran.

    1. @@lukedorrington9712I used to be miserable on YouTube too my friend. Always looking for the worst things to say because my life was in the shitters. It’s still in the dumps but I’ve come to realize that it’s all my doing. A lot of bad things in my life are because of me and my choices. However, it is not okay going around spreading misery to other people. I learned that the hard way my friend. This is not meant to disrespect you in any way friend, just to enlighten you instead. Hope things get better for the both of us man, seriously.

  5. Dang i wish it could have been more but it is what it is… Interesting game love your husband support so beautiful.

  6. Her “oh no”
    Him “it’s ok”

    *hands over more of his parent’s inheritance fortune.

  7. I’ve bought those bonuses multiple times they never seem to pay out this way

    1. This stuff is such a a scam lmao. I bet the FCC started this just like stopping independent gamble spots because they paid out too much

    2. Yeah you bet 5 dollars it gives you 30 cents and says its a jackpot lmfao.

  8. Reality of machines they rarely pay player 2k on a 25$ max bet 1 time lost almost all of it

  9. Spending $350 to win gas money is many things, but “okay,” is certainly NOT one of them.

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