5 CRAZY Back to Back JACKPOTS on $100/BETS on Top Dollar In Las Vegas 2022!!

5 Back to Back JACKPOTS on High Limitation Top Dollar In Vegas!

Kismet HQ is at The Cosmopolitan Hotel & in Las Vegas. Today we are using Top Dollar High Limitation Slot Machine. We remain in the high limitation room back by the cashier cage. We are doing $50/$ 100/spins on high limitation Top DOllar. We decided to play with Jon from @Lootbox TV and his GF Kat. I expect you might call this a group pull. We have a legendary run and you are not going to want to miss this videos series. The number of prizes can we land??? I imply we did strike SO CRAZY!!! Gambling establishment community tell me in the comments. This was taped LIVE in Las Vegas 2022.

More about us … We like to play fruit machine at the . We like Vegas but likewise dip into local gambling establishments. We play all games such as Dragon Link, Lightning Link, Huff n' Puff, Wheel of Fortune, Video Poker, reel video games, Lock it Link, Leading Dollar and lots of many more. We play High Limitation games so you can always find me in the high limit room aka high-stakes gambler room at the . Keep in mind that these are video games & you do not constantly win.

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We did a cooperation with Jon from Loot Box TV & his sweetheart Kat. Both couples began with putting in $1,500 and each video you will see how this mini group pull played out. This was tape-recorded Reside in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan in the high limitation space and out in the casino. I broke this up into 5 short videos for you all to take pleasure in and I will release one each night at 7:30 up until all 5 videos have actually launched. This really was so much enjoyable to assemble and I hope you all enjoy this 5 part video series.

Video 1 – We Put In $1500 Each & BET $100 on Wheel of Fortune!
Vid 2 – 5 Back to Back JACKPOTS
Vid 3 – We Put $10,000 Into A High Limitation Slot Machine In Vegas
Vid 4 – $200 Spins On The Top Dollar
Video 5 – Every Player's Dream in Las Vegas!

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5 CRAZY Back to Back JACKPOTS on $100/BETS on Top Dollar In Las Vegas 2022!!

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  1. Um, waiter… I’ll have the B2B2B Jackpots, with a side order of B2B please! Well done, now I have seen the true B2B2B and SOOOOO happy it was on a 3 reel.. Hope this means more in your play! Cheers and have a great weekend!

    1. Just to let you know I can almost tell what numbers you press just by seeing your hand. Someone may still be able to know what your pin is. I don’t usually try to do it but I was curious after the last video when you said you put sub and follow there. People may try harder than I did to steal it.

    2. Maam lady i need your help for my dad in hospital have phenomonia cancer im from cebu philippines

  2. when you guys walked away…within 5 minutes this machines was magically out of order lol

  3. I can’t wait to see more. Today’s Top Dollar was Razzle Dazzle Spatacular Cool Fun…Congrats to all 4 of you. ❤

  4. Omg that was freaken amazing 👏 Congrats. Boy u sure are winners.Cant wait for tomorrow’s. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Friday nite. ❤☘🍻☘❤

  5. That was wonderful Congrats 🎉 to y’all loved it ❤️💎

  6. That was insane! Never ever expected that on that game, wow! Looking forward to the other videos. Btw I do have a picture of us together from Blue Chip(tagged you in it that night) That was such a great night meeting you and Lovey (shekels, I still laugh at that). The weather is nice, please come back for another meet and greet!

  7. I have never seen anyone hit this many times! And don’t think I ever will? Congrats on the RNG 🙂 perfect timing!

  8. WOW hat was insane…3 back to back and 2 more thrown in for good measure…i dont think you actually spent more than 1k the whole session was just jackpot heaven…so looking forward to part three and those wiggling piggy butts…xx

  9. Just have to say I love watching your channel and you have incredible energy! You’re bloody gorgeous too! ❤👋👋

  10. That was awesome! Definitely worth it 🍒❤👍🇺🇸

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