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  1. I live in Las Vegas and one day I’ll run into you guys. I love when you win.

  2. What the…??? I replayed this several times! Yay!!!! I hope there is a “stinking rich” machine in Reno!! J

  3. Excellent!! Going to look for this machine when o go to Vegas in 10 days!!!

  4. Didn’t realize until now that trash can you pick multiplies the sum of the other 2 trash cans🤔👍🏼

  5. Imangine playing 20 different slots for a living and not knowing how any of them work😅 the trash can you pick turns to a multi. It multiplies the other 2 can by that multi and that your total. It’s a awful bonus, you can win 40x your bet max on it.

  6. Can you do that little chair dance again Lady Luck? 😂 I just love watching you! ❤ You make slots fun for us! And we don’t even have to lose any money doing it !

  7. It saids 7k credits girl ur playing $1 it’s 7k 😂😂 thank goodness we all wish we had ur husband ❤

  8. If you only put $1,000 in how does the machine have almost 35,000 in it. Your scenario seems to be that you’re lying

    1. They out in a voucher dumbass. They said they were ONLY doing 200 dollar spins 5 times and then leaving. How does that nit make fucking sense?

  9. You look beautiful in this video. Oh yes congratulations on your win ❤❤❤❤

  10. So you pick one of the three cans and instead of getting the credits for the can, it becomes a multiplier. The can you picked would’ve been 200 credits, but instead, it became a x5 multiplier for the total credits under the other two cans.

    1000 credits + 400 credits = 1400 credits, x5 = 7000 credits.

    Good work!

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