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    1. I didn’t say what happened. Keeping ambiguous so it doesn’t give it awag

  1. Thinking good thoughts for Hubby & you on your journey to winning $1 million 😊

  2. i want to kms watched ur videos for over 2 mounts and thinked about trying gambling and lost my life savings for 1 hour : ( lifes bad i dont want to keep gambling but love to watch your videos

  3. Just to refresh everybody’s memory, what’s the largest jackpot you’ve ever hit?

    1. $1 Million online and $128K is my largest inside a casino on Piggy Bankin.

    2. @@LadyLuckHQ Thank you! You’re the only Channel owner I know that tries to respond to the people that view and support you and your channel. and it’s appreciated 😃! Keep up the good work. Always a pleasure to watch you and your hubby strive to hit that BIG Jackpot!!!

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