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  1. It’s funny to watch these people who constantly lose, but say “look at my win”. No one wins In The Casino but the Casino. Even millionaires can’t afford to lose 10-20k + a day. You do the math.

    1. They can if they winning more then they lose.Noone truly know how much she is winning while off camera.Problem is people just can’t stand others winning because they aren’t lucky themselves.

    2. @@charleshicks1484 oh that’s right bud, you got it all figured out. Go eat some broccoli n have a great day.

    3. Post 2 many wins. You never can be ahead. Maybe her youtube channel pays $300,000 year. Easily can be lost.

    4. @@bobbyphila623 exactly. Most of it is clickbait. No way u win at the casino playing slots.

    5. This is Lady Luck 🍀 and dude luck 🍀 they win all the time , I know they must lose a lot also but overall I believe they’re winning

  2. The way to have a fighting chance to make money in a casino is to play live blackjack. If you want to play machines, draw poker is your best chance. Saying that I myself play slots and if I play as long as I want to with my gambling money I consider that a win.

    1. What do u think bout video black Jack ? I love bj very fast too I did well

  3. Love to know what we do for work to have that much money lying around lol

  4. @dudeluck23 That could’ve been more offensive!!! 😂

  5. Someone call security on the neighbor beating the crap out of that button 😫

  6. I have been watching this for 10hours at my casino, just watched a guy win 20,000.00

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