You’re Never Too Old To Win at Poker! 78-Year Old Retiree Crushes High Rollers in Las Vegas

Time for a feel-good story! Ed Sebesta from Texas appeared to the 2023 PokerGO Cup and fought his way through a hard final table that consisted of Nick Schulman and Kristen Foxen! See here how it got it done.

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You're Never Too Old To Win at Poker! 78-Year Old Retiree Crushes High Rollers in Las Vegas

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  1. How can someone root against him? Played well all around, congrats to him!

    1. @Keith Kelso Nah Garrett is a brown-nosed player who needs to play amongst people majorly less skilled than him to thrive. Nick’s a real crusher that doesn’t suckup to fish.

  2. This old timer has way more talent and moves than Katz. Katz just plays straight forward and hopes to run well.

    1. @rob sab did you just get offended for the old man? Dude, you need a new pair of nuts, yours don’t work.

    2. Yeah but he’s(Katz) up multi millions so….there’s room for many styles in poker.
      Like Doyle said back in the day, if everyone’s playing like a maniac, doing the opposite gets the money and vice versa. Nobody wants to watch a table full of robotic 23 year olds who all use the same shove/fold charts ruthlessly and methodically marching to every title, it’s bad for poker.

  3. How to win at poker, wait till you’re 70+ year OMC then bluff pros who don’t think you can bluff them

    1. First you have to make it till you are 70+. A lot of fellas die before reaching that.

  4. Just shows that age doesn’t mean anything as long as your brain is still with you.

  5. Hes got that OMC rep working for him, just hard to believe he doesn’t have it.

  6. Happy for him..I like how he was holding that trophy at the end 😎😁

  7. it was so surreal to hear Schulman from the table rather than the commentary booth

  8. The quiet old man keeping his thoughts to himself, snickering under his breath that they think he’s easy money.

  9. The amount of time they make the dealer delay between community cards coming out is the most irritating thing modern televised poker. They gave the players shot clocks to speed up the action then made the dealers the slowest aspect of the game.

  10. Katz has always carried himself as a true gentleman. I’ve seen him frustrated but never over the line…

  11. I think Doyle Brunson singlehandedly makes no one ever say that someone is too old to win at poker

  12. I’m gonna watch this and every time the old man bluffs, I’m going to take a shot. Here we go!!
    Edit: Well played sir! I am buzzed.

  13. Schulman is not only a crusher, but a classy guy. I have a feeling if he outright wins the AQ hand instead of chopping it, he would have won this event.

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