WSOP Top 100 Hands of All Time | 50-41 | Crying Mike Matusow, Phil Ivey, Jerry Yang & Greg Raymer

Join us on a legendary experience as we reveal the World Series of Poker's Leading 100 Hands of All Time over the next 10 days! The 2024 WSOP is nearly here, so why not take a trip down memory lane before we start 50 days of live-streaming. Let us know in the remarks which hands remain in your Leading 3, and remain tuned to find out which hands made it!

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WSOP Top 100 Hands of All Time | 50-41 | Crying Mike Matusow, Phil Ivey, Jerry Yang & Greg Raymer

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    1. Bro said it’s your talking that did it as if he didn’t just call with the worst hand and sucked out

    2. Lol Paredes with the double KO going in for the (unintentional??) needle afterwards

    3. @@austinhaase7573 he was complimenting him. He’s saying his talking got him to call with the worse hand.

    1. The editing is biased, it had been over 15 minutes at this point and he’s getting over 5 to 1 on a call here. He can only fold here if he believes he’s drawing dead,which is unlikely.

  1. the Matusow call celebrating being the underdog lol…. that man.. “great read, buddy”

    1. He had the odds to call, it is the correct call given actual holdings, plus back in the day players would only play draws like that on the flop, not a lot of made hands

    2. @@timothynguyen4446 having the odds to call in a tournament doesnt make it a correct call, this isnt a cash game

  2. Mike was acting like he got runner runner perfect when Greg had about six thousand outs.

  3. Friedman called his exact hand and gold talked him out of calling. So sick

  4. Tiffany calls clock in hand which she not playing … what a donkey act lol

  5. #48 is my favorite hand Sneads gutsy call, the way he acted after he made the call, and the inconsiderate clock call on him

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