WSOP Top 100 Hands of All Time | 20-11 | Phil Ivey, Chris Moneymaker & Royal Flush Guy!

Join us on an impressive adventure as we unveil the World Series of Poker's Leading 100 Hands of Perpetuity over the next 10 days! The 2024 WSOP is nearly here, so why not travel down memory lane before we start 50 days of live-streaming. Let us know in the remarks which hands remain in your Top 3, and stay tuned to discover which hands made it!

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WSOP Top 100 Hands of All Time | 20-11 | Phil Ivey, Chris Moneymaker & Royal Flush Guy!

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    1. Pretty low stakes though it was an early round and neither player made it far in that tournament

  1. This is the last of the prelims. Now we are into the home stretch the TOP 10 WSOP Hands of all time

  2. “It was an aggressive call” is one of the best dead pan needles I’ve ever seen. Bonus points for Hellmuth giving crap to the new dealer. What a 🤡

  3. #12 Losing with Quad Aces to a runner runner Royal Flush is the absolute sickest.

  4. My guess is the Chris moneymaker bluff heads up against Sammy farah will be #1

    1. I’d never seen Chan’s slow play after flopping a straight. That was great!

  5. Having the Moneymaker/Ivey hand anywhere other than 1 is absurd. That hand literally changed the course of poker history forever and kept who many consider the GOAT from likely going on to win the Main Event.

  6. Oh and #11 should have actually been #1. Most important hand in poker history

  7. Scott Seiver telling the guy “you can’t fold, I would think less of you”, was genius reverse psychology.

  8. Hands that haven’t shown up yet that I feel I know are gonna be in the top 10:

    – Scotty Nguyen ‘you call and it’s gonna be all over baby!’
    – Duhamel/Affleck
    – Moneymaker bluff on Farha
    – Ungar wins in 1997
    – Doyle wins with 10-2

  9. I figured Moneymaker’s winning hand would’ve been #1. It’ll be interesting to see the top ten.

  10. Adrian Attenborough’s 20 minute tank fold with bottom pair will be number 1

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