WSOP Top 100 Hands of All Time | 10-6 | Stu Ungar, Daniel Weinman, Beth Shak & Filippo Candio

Join us on an epic experience as we reveal the World Series of Poker's Leading 100 Hands of Perpetuity over the next 10 days! The 2024 WSOP is practically here, so why not travel down memory lane before we start 50 days of live-streaming. Let us know in the comments which hands remain in your Leading 3, and stay tuned to discover which hands made it!

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WSOP Top 100 Hands of All Time | 10-6 | Stu Ungar, Daniel Weinman, Beth Shak & Filippo Candio

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    1. You could have just said “The way Hellmuth reacted was cringeworthy.” No need to narrow that statement down to a single example

  1. Pro Poker Player Tip: When an opponent is yelling they have it and is celebrating after being all in with Hellmuth… fold.

    1. @@bentonja668 Another pro tip: don’t yolo your stack away in the Main Event.

    2. โ€‹@@Jwerp616another pro tip: don’t yolo hip hop and R &B dancing ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  2. My predictions for the final 5 (in order)

    #5: Romanello folds Jacks Full (2008)
    #4: Jonathan Duhamel eliminates Matt Affleck (2010)
    #3: Doyle Brunson wins with his favorite 10-2 (1977)
    #2: Scotty Ngyuen ‘you call its gonna be all over baby’ (1998)
    #1: Chris Moneymaker bluffs Sam Farha heads up (2003)

    1. All these seem viable but seeing as theyโ€™ve used Phil in a handful of pots because of his talking/antics, we can still see โ€œI can dodge bullets babyโ€

    2. Screw Doyle you forgot KK vs KK vs manion AA on ft bubble

    3. @@RyanDepauloDegenerateGamblercould be wrong but I think that hand has already been featured. I would agree that it should have been higher.

    1. Right. “Top hands where someone makes a bad call and gets a 4% hand to win”

    2. several main event champs made awful punts and got really lucky: moneymaker, duhamel, weinman all spring to mind,

    3. You gotta be lucky to win a 5000+ player tournament. That’s why all the crushers now play high rollers against the same 100 person player pool.

  3. #8 so obvious that at least one of them have AA how does Richey call lol. A bit of a tell when the two other people who are all in are high fiving and dancing.

    1. awful call, the dancing like shes already won the hand should of given her hand away

    2. She literally tells her husband she has Aces and the guy still calls with KK.

    3. @@thewolf5444I know right? The camera pans to Dan Shak mouthing โ€œYoU hAvE aCeSโ€ while trying to make gestures. That hand is comedy gold

    4. @@lifelikeweeds9276 She even acts like she has aces on the very first reraise. One of the most obvious tells I’ve ever seen.

  4. WSOP Top 100 Hands of All Time | 10-6 | Stu Ungar, Daniel Weinman, Beth Shak & Filippo Candio

    1. WSOP Top 100 Hands of All Time | 10-6 | Stu Ungar, Daniel Weinman, Beth Shak & Filippo Candio

  5. It still blows my mind that Richey made that call. Both of his opponents are pretty much telling him that he’s loosing but all he’s thinking is ” bUt mY kIngS…”

    1. He said on 2 Plus 2 afterwards that he knew shortstack Hellmuth had Aces. He still profits if he beats Shak.

      But I agree, he should have paid attention to Shakโ€™s antics.

    2. Agreed. one of the worst calls I have ever seen. Pay attention to the table Richey

  6. Didnt think the Candio vs Cheong hand would make the top 10 but I am glad it did, it is an underrated classic!

    1. @@StatsRob1975 and we would have been spared of this legendary hand! that camera shot of Cheong dropping his head down with the bewildered crowd going crazy in the background has stuck with me forever ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. 5. Henry Tran vs Alcober
    4. Tuna Lund vs Matloubi
    3. Scotty Nguyen vs McBride
    2. Duhamel vs Affleck
    1. Moneymaker vs Farha

  8. This has been an entertaining series. I’m surprised Attenborough vs Dobric wasn’t shown in this list.

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