WSOP Main Event Final Table Day 1 Highlights | 10 Players Down to the Final 3

The 2022 Main Event final table began with 10 gamers who were all chasing after the $10,000,000 leading reward! See how , , , John Eames, Matija Dobric, Matthew Su, Jeffrey Farnes, Aaron Duczak, , and Asher Conniff fought for a spot amongst the last three who would advance to the final day of play.

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Final Table Day 1 Highlights | 10 Players Down to the Final 3

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    1. He took a few bad beats. Calls 9-9 all-in with Q’s and the guy flops a 9. He played well but the cards seemed to be against him in the end. So much luck involved.

    2. Poor guy! A normal poker thing happened and he cashed out for like 700k. Yeah I feel really sorry for him 🙄

    3. @Eric $700K is great, but it could have been much more. You only get one final table if you’re lucky in your life and not finishing higher due to luck is tough.

    4. @Edward Dean “could have been more” wow

      Dude. That’s an incredible finish 1) and 2) Su needed luck to get there in the first place. He also had to have others not suck out on him. Do you understand difference between tourney and cash games? Or..

  2. flopping quad K’s at a wsop final table in an all in situation is like winning the lottery, stuff only happens in dreams.

    1. No winning the Main Event when the field is almost 9,000 players is winning the lottery.

    2. Played with duek day 3. He Called it off horribly on the turn and binked 15%

      He’s won a lot of lotterys

    3. @B L Yes he has. I can’t see him winning the Main Event unless he gets super lucky. Luck beats talent many times. Jamie Gold is proof of that. Never did anything since winning the WSOP ME.

  3. Lots of fun action! Great final table. Also, it seems like Poker is making a comeback? The robots are losing steam and we’re getting some personality back into the game with guys like Ryan DePaulo. Poker boom 2.0, yo! LFG

    1. @BigDustyBigTonka The FT should have been free if nothing else. I remember when ESPN streamed it live and it went all night. They could have made the FT free. Guaranteed more people won’t see it than people who will. Rec players aren’t buying PokerGo to watch one tournament. They ruined the ME

    2. @EZ DoesIt 100% agree. It’s honestly mind blowing how much better for the game as a whole it would be if they just put it out for free.

    3. @EZ DoesIt I don’t like the bots and the collision on the internet poker. But since I live in the United States internet Poker is not a great option anymore.
      After playing internet poker, live poker is exceptionally slow. Then it gets significantly worse when you get all these people to have to tank over sometimes a textbook call or raise.

    4. @BigDustyBigTonka They had a chance to stream on YouTube which is free for everyone. It wasn’t on cable for the first time. Anyone with a smart tv or device could have watched it. They messed up big time. People will remember that and not even tune in next year.

    5. @JgburchWhat’s funny is that these same people play online with a 30 second time bank and have no issue. They come to play live and tank for 5 minutes every decision. I get thinking out decisions. But if it’s a min raise and you’re last to act with 60+ BB’s, it shouldn’t take 5 minutes to call or fold.

    1. Could have done without him screaming/crying for every card that was about to come out. 😂

    2. idk if gutted is the word I would use for a guy who just turned $10k into $850k in a little over a week.

    3. @Gonzo Seemed that every time he screamed for cards he lost the hand. He also left the table on all those lost hands.

  4. This was alot of fun.. Hope we get today’s action on a preview.. May not go 2 hours haha

  5. The last time they showed Attenborough he was losing flush over flush and down to 35M now he’s final three with three times that money but no highlights.

  6. Quite annoying that for most of the exits they don’t tell you the cash amount won

  7. 22:30 This would have been such a fun hand to see post-flop play. These all-in fests are terrible

    1. 👆👆Thanks for watching and commenting congratulation 🎊you have been selected among my shortlisted winners.
      Telegram only to claim your prize 🎁🥰🎁!

  8. Great final table, hope they will show the full highlights soon. I think every player is likable ❤️

  9. The way Su ran in this table just shows how brutal poker can be. He did everything right and lost all the key pots due to bad luck and variance.

    1. Yes he did. Luck does that. Just ask Phil Helmuth. He says if it weren’t for luck he’d never lose.

    2. An he took it like a gentleman. First time swing the guy playing and he earned my respect.

  10. Can honestly say that it looks like this year the best player by far should win,felt bad for Su,he was really card dead all nighte,

  11. I miss the 2005-2010 WSOP final table aesthetics, this looks and feels like any other small tournament

    1. I just tossed on the 2007 FT with Yang and even that shot felt like a way better production. Have been wondering if its the cameras of lights or what but it seems so cheap now.

  12. Wow… crazy action! Great final table, great poker, congrats to all players!

  13. Su had amazing luck in spots he almost seemed to put in pulling for somebody else to call him and move onwards, in top 35. If you watch him at stack depth 2-11m. Day 6/7 I believe, he really was just throwing it around like hey I’ve already cashed what I’m happy with let’s just play for fun.

    So I don’t feel bad for him, yeah bad hand there but it truthfully was coming with how he was playing.

    I also love the guy and think he’s so humble and such a sweetheart to everybody. Truly a bright light among a bunch of grumpy people.

    But don’t feel bad, he was genuinely playing in a way as to say hey I’m having fun let’s see how this goes etc, all of day 6-7. So I’m sure he isn’t upset, therefore you shouldn’t be.

  14. Shoving with 66 with that many chips left was a horrible decision on so many levels…

  15. Thoroughly impressed with Attenborough. The fact that he didn’t tilt off after all the bad beats is amazing.

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