WSOP Main Event Final Table | 1-Hour Free Preview

The 2022 World Series of Main Event will crown a champion tonight in Las Vegas as , , and fight for the $10,000,000 top prize! Remko Rinkema and Donnie Peters offer you with this one-hour totally free preview of the action.

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Main Event Final Table | 1-Hour Free Preview

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  1. I drove from OC to LA and they were still in the same hand when I arrived to my destination 🤣. This is the new age poker huh? LOL

    1. @Justin Thomas Definitely not, it’s its own county. It’s 10x nicer as well; cleaner streets, better infrastructure, more logical city planning, cleaner beaches with far more access..

      I never advocate anyone visit LA (where I grew up); OC and San Diego are exponentially more of the perceived LA experience with none of the homelessness or traffic.

    2. @abdulaziz aleshaikh you absolutely do not have to give him what he wants finale 2 or not this was ridiculous

  2. I gotta say I love Attenborough he pulled off some crazy bluffs and he has a great poker face, he has heart as tony g would say

  3. I’d drop a like if it was free. This isn’t the UFC….trying to get more people into the game. Should be televised. Disappointing

  4. Jorstad could set the Guiness Record for a Human staying motionless for the longest time. He’s like a statue, so in control of himself. This man will win big for a long time.

    1. This was the best exercise to do that, of his life. A gain to gains.

    2. Reminds me of the guy who took Scarface out at the end of movie or like terminater or the Russian in the Rocky movie

  5. A whole lotta respect for Jorstad. Not for zoning out, but for the fortitude to go All In. Balls.

    1. @Steve Harris I personally do not. I think the all in only got Attenborough to think because it was all or nothing. I think a smaller bet he just folds because most hands just want to get to showdown there

  6. only getting to watch this sporadically because of work, but I would have guessed Duek(love the name) to have gone out 5th. I do like all three of the final three, tho.

  7. What happened to this being on ESPN??? This would bring even more people into poker. Come on WSOP

    1. CBS Sports purchased the broadcast rights from PokerGO in 2021. PokerGO has had the streaming rights since 2017, apparently.

    2. @Evan Stowers yeah I’ve tried to tell em nobody wants to pay to watch this, most tournaments and rooms are free. They need to find another way to monetize it

    3. @Anarchy they could stream it live on Twitch and YouTube and just run ads through those platforms as well as ads on their actual stream and double up on ad money. Pokergo adds, Vegas ads, other ads. I’m sure they could pull off more money

    4. @Evan Stowers exactly, sponsors and ads, what they should focus on is bringing in more people to watch poker, not trying to convert the few that do already into buying memberships.

  8. I am so impressed he folded. It’s not his fault they don’t have a clock.

  9. This should be free with ads on YouTube and/or Twitch. You guys are missing out on growing the game for short term profits.

    1. Exactly, it’s a complete disgrace the main event is subscription only, so short sighted. Get bent Poker Go.

  10. Guess poker go paid him to tank for 20 minutes so the game wouldn’t end on the free stream….

  11. This heads up has past from being the most boring in WSOP, to being the most stupid. Put a clock on all games. ⏰️ 🕑 Haven’t we already learned this lesson ???

  12. That was a beautiful bet by Jorstad. I would’ve checked back. At first I was like wth did he shove for. That’s what makes the bet great, he almost got a call because attenburough probably thought the same thing. One of the all time great final table bets imo.

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