WSOP Main Event Day 7 with Damian Salas, Kenny Tran & Brian Kim | 1-hour preview

The 2022 Main Event final table remains in sight for the remaining 35 gamers, headlined by 2020 champ Damian Salad, Kenny Tran, and Brian Kim! Enjoy this one-hour preview with commentary offered by Donnie Peters and Remko Rinkema.

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Main Event Day 7 with Damian Salas, Kenny Tran & Brian Kim | 1-hour preview

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    1. he never said a word on those shows but here he’s a completely different person

    2. his [play really boring than andy. I think andy made the best laydown against his ABC nuts

    3. Brian Kim was the best NL full ring player in LA. I played with him (and Garrett) for years.

  1. The first wsop I watched was 2007 he crushed then. He’s been one of my favorites ever since.

  2. By the way. You guys are awesome! Love listening to you guys break down the play.

  3. My first wsop final I watched was on channel 7 ABC with Mckay on wild World of Sports…toppayout was less than $900000

    1. @NukSuKow like i said he played scared poker . I have no problem flatting pre flop , but when the flop hits like that , and the guy bets into you, you’ve got to raise . The pot was big enough

    2. Since he flatted the Initial raise I don’t mind even a 4 bet pre but a flat pre is fine…he messed up on the flop imo…he shoulda shoved flop

    3. @Billy Mabum since you’re underrep the strenght of your hand preflop, you want to keep bluffs in your opponent’s range. Raising flop is really an awfull play. It’s not even close.

  4. Kenny Tran just recently got a crucial double up, crippling one of the former chip leaders, Aaron Mermelstein. Kenny was in SB, Mermelstein in MP opened to 1 mil (blinds 250k/500k), a few flats behind, Kenny ripped with pocket 9s with a stack of around 13 mil. Mermelstein snapped off Kenny and the rest of the callers folded. Mermelstein showed pocket QQ, dominating Kenny’s pocket 99. Flop came 10 10 8 with 2 clubs. Running clubs gave Kenny the flush to double through Metmelstein, who only had Kenny covered by around9 million chips….

  5. The lady taking orders with a massive tray of bottled waters and an ice bucket is legendary.

    1. For real. I hope the recipients weren’t +EV with their tipping like they can sometimes be.

  6. I was surprised how bad that guy played the queen’s at the end. He did everything wrong on that hand from the beginning of the hand to making a really bad call after the k came n thinking the guy was just bluffing off all his chips that close to the finally table

  7. Eames played very solid and did just one very big misstep 🙁 he played that hand as wrong as you can play it in this stage of the tournament

  8. Très belles vidéos ( day 1, 2 …… 7) avec tous les renseignements en incrustation sur l’écran pour être au courant de toutes les tables. Merci.

  9. Thanks for the content. It’s great entertainment,enjoyed it

  10. I love you Guys more for the 2 hour free previews!!! LFG! You two are Awsome for asking the Boss!

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