WSOP Main Event Day 6 VLOG: Miracle Runs End for Koray Aldemir & Aaron Zhang

lasted longer than 15,328 gamers because entering the 2021 World Series of Main Event, however the reigning champion was knocked out in 75th place today. After breaking out, we overtook Aldemir while also speaking with Will Nunley, Aaron Mermelstein, Efy Litsou, and Brian Kim's raucous rail!

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Day 6 VLOG: Miracle Runs End for &

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  1. Zang was bound to get caught… Then just just punted his stack. 5 days though. The mental fatigue it must have…

    1. Was there and ending to what you were saying? I don’t think you understand the concept of the three periods

  2. This dude got jipped. No one even knows he won the main event cause of Poker Go.

    1. @vladzhuk you have to pay to watch the wsop now… they’ll give you hour or so clips but that’s it. PokerGo is killing poker by making people pay to watch WSOP coverage. And during the free hour or so of coverage every 5 mins or so Remko or one of the announcers are basically begging for people to subscribe…not joking they’re literally saying pleaaasseee?

    2. @Sean Kiesling You can’t spent $25 on a subscription for a month? By subscribing you keep poker tournaments active and functioning. Not everything can be free. Just pay the $25 and cancel afterwards.

    1. Lococo as well. Check out the hand he played yesterday with aj if you haven’t yet

  3. Did anyone thing Zhang was going to make it too much farther? He believes he knows it all. He posted on the pokergo channel. He drank the Kool aid and got way over confident.

    1. I hate the hype about him,he makes stupid plays that you see any random internet aggrofish do.His table chatter is weird,his 10 minute tank when holding a set was nonsense.
      If he had realised he cant keep getting away with brute force air-bluffs all the time and played decent poker he would have have a great chance to win and gain respect but he continued being a donkey.
      I mean he might be a super nice guy in real life and well done for getting so far but its more the praise from the pokergo team that annoys me

    2. @Scott Lauren was thinking about this. He suddenly stopped talking when was down from 10 kk to 2 kk lol.

    3. He played so loose but its a shame he couldn’t keep his playbook going without players studying his hands on the streams

  4. Kim folded second full house on the river and was right, he’s got the skills and stack to run real deep

  5. I really like the questions you asked in the serious interviews. Refreshingly in-depth knowledge!

    Also liked the other parts 😊

  6. Honestly the 22 play wasn’t too bad. The 76 hand was just a super punt tho.

  7. Zhang’s big mistake was calling to much attention to himself with all that talk. If he made the same moves quietly the target on his stack would’ve been smaller. Instead, everyone knew how to play him and in the end he thought his pair of 6s was up against a pair of 4s and bet his tournament on that read. That’s not the smartest play

    1. The fact that people knew is part of why he built that big stack in the first place. He was bombing in spots with the nuts and getting called by 2nd pair. The last hand wasn’t a bad read. It was tilt.

    2. yeah poor take. I don’t think the guy put the dude on a pair of 4s. I think he was willing to gamble with decent equity..

    3. i think he would have gotten knocked out either way based on how loose he was playing. given how quiet he was day 6 though, i wouldn’t be surprised if he watched footage of himself and also focused on the talking, and adjusted that rather than his game, so it in that way it also might have cost him.

  8. All the attention started to go to Zang’s head. He started to believe the hype.
    As my grandmother would say, “He got too big for his britches”

    If I built a stack like that late in the tournament, you couldn’t pry them chips out my hand.

    1. Seriously though he should of totally flipped his play style and nitted up and used his image to his advantage!

    2. @Scott Lauren
      He had a stack. Could have costed. Tournament play is about survival. To bluff off your stack, twice, is about as dumb as it gets.

  9. Zhang played exactly like I do in a 10 buck mtt big stack get up stuck then punt the rest not that hard to do

    1. Yea nothing special about just flinging money at the pot all the time,youll get caught eventually,might work more in shorter format tournies

  10. Congrats Brian Kim – keep going strong !!
    Have watched him play many sessions on live streams & have always been impressed with his play. Always respectful & always stays cool never getting too excited.
    No doubt Brian has all the necessary skills to go all the way. 😎🇨🇦✌️

  11. Great work. Thanks for the insider look. It’s great to see what players are thinking when they’re still in this late or just getting knocked out. Koray is the man, such a special bond it seems once making the final table of the main, that hug between final table mates. I mean come on, it’s like @degenerategambler says he doesn’t act like hes been there before because it’s a dream to make it this far and it’ll probably never happen again. So soak it in and try and love every moment and pray to the poker gods!!

  12. Zhang was a fish that got extremely lucky for several days, he finally punted it off against better players that weren’t afraid to stack off. That said, it was fun to watch

    1. I thought so too! He got too excited……Day 4-5 and your still in a marathon not a sprint

    2. I think he is a cash game player so he probably doesnt have the experience to play well late stages of the tournament. Also tournaments are boring af since you need to finish top 3 if you want to make a huge profit

  13. Everyone knew Zhang was going to tank. Just could never have imagined how epically bad he would.

  14. I’m rooting for Kenny tran I’ve always loved his play and his personality as well. Seems like a great guy all around

  15. The deeper you go the better the players. Zhang kept playing like everyone would fold to his bluff.

  16. “This is not going to be found on any charts” that is great commentary. I like Zhang.

  17. Great closing interviews! Interesting questions and enthusiastic interaction with the players and spectators. 👍

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