WSOP Main Event Day 5 Highlights: The Full Aaron Zhang Show!

has actually made his mark on this in such a way we have not seen, like Jamie Gold in 2006! View the full highlights of this day right now, as the field was reduced to simply 123 gamers! Don't miss the legendary Day 6 coverage on as the $10,000,000 leading reward looms in the distance!

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Day 5 Highlights: The Full Show!

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  1. Would love to see Alejandro get his final table revenge vs The champ. Would be crazy to have both make final table again!!

  2. if westside wes is at the same table as zhang i will pay for the stream.

  3. I can see Zhang getting snap called in a bluff for a huge chunk of his stack very soon.

  4. Not hating or anything but the YouTube commentary is surprisingly way more enjoyable than the PokerGo commentary

  5. Gold was an obnoxious luckbox. This guy is an entertaining (sliggghtly obnoxious) skilled player.

    1. Of course. He ain’t getting someone to fold trips, even if he doesn’t have a whacko image.

  6. These players are way too scared of Zhang. Dudes folding Kings to an uber aggressive player only because there’s an Ace on the board? Smh

    1. It was a 3 bet pot and these guys are playing for millions of dollars… also he knows that zhang has a big stack and will likely face a big river bet. Easy to say when you see the cards and not deep in the main event like these guys 👍

    2. He called a 3 bet preflop so he most likely has hands like AQ or AJ he doesn’t expect to have 76 there

    3. Even aggressive players wouldn’t bluff there after Mozdzen 3 bets so i’d fold too in his position

  7. His play for me is not wild as everyone think he is. But after these 2 days, alot of people will start trapping him. He needs to tone down his plays.

  8. 12:11

    “Nunley with the bigger stack AND the set of queens”

    My dude, it was not just a set of queens. The river boated him up. I feel like the commentator failed to even notice, but Nunley’s hand literally only lost to quads on that board (and you simply can’t put your opponent on quads ever, that’s lunatic poker), not to the straight on the turn (anymore) or the backdoor flush.

  9. I like zhang, nunley, former champ, kenny tran, salas or that music artist for the win. My dude john juanda busted late last night

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