WSOP Main Event Day 4 Highlights with Farah Galfond, Mike Matusow and Aaron Zhang!

Day 4 of the Main Event was incredible! See how Farah Galfond, , Dan Smith, Ali Imsirovic, , and numerous others get associated with some insane hands!

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Main Event Day 4 Highlights with Farah Galfond, and !

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  1. If it was 200k more, I think the bluff would of worked. Such a strong line.

    1. even 100k more was enought but yea he had a little to less to 3 bet bluff river

  2. What took him so long was that he was considering the possibility that Matusow was holding KK and was resolved to play it through to the river, resulting in a full house. The chip advantage that he had was so great though that there was zero chance that he was folding, even if he was facing a boat or a higher flush.

    1. right, um, so if there was zero chance he folds one must again, ask, what took him so long🤔

  3. You know Zhang breathed the biggest internal sigh of relief when he didn’t get snapped in the KJ v KJ.

  4. Zhang is one of those cool guys that takes 2 minutes to make every decision.

    1. I watched the paint dry and ate the paint chips during that hand.
      Glad Al Shanti found the call.

    2. More annoying than cool. He seems to use the tanking to induce decisions from his opponents.

    1. Seems to be a player that just goes for the win . You need a massive stack to feature in the main event

  5. I had same spot as Smith online today and i GIIN with queeens to see aces . Its tough to get away from although we know we should as i did

  6. It’s frustrating rooting for Matusow. No reason to give your chips away like he did

  7. 11:52 I think a small bet here is the play targetting pocket pairs and A highs that could be continuing. If he checked nines full to you on the river, chance are he will check raise once you bet small anyways to get it in, so I don’t see what allin accomplishes.

  8. Great coverage. The cross talk was a bit much during some big hands. All in all… some excellent play and analysis.

  9. mike puntasouw bluffing into the big stack giving him 3 to 1 on a call flush is a call for sure mikes image is super strong but given the odds and the stack size call was justified

    1. 3 to 1 but you only win against a bluff. This A7o isn’t a great combo to bluff but I think 98s being the bottom 3bet value range he can fold it (and has to?)

  10. Absolutely no need for
    Mike to get involved in that hand he deserved to go for going all in with that in that size pot against that stack no wonder he’s broke

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