WSOP Main Event Day 3 with David Peters, Dan Smith & New Poker Legend Jimmy D | 1-Hour Preview

High Roller crushers David Peters and Dan Smith put their abilities on display on the Centerpiece Day 3 feature table. Enjoy this 1-hour complimentary preview of our Centerpiece protection with commentary offered by Remko Rinkema and Donnie Peters.

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Day 3 with David Peters, Dan Smith & New Legend Jimmy D | 1-Hour Preview

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  1. Y’all are doing the game poker a disservice by creating a pay wall for people to watch. There’s a reason why the playoffs and Super bowl are free!

    1. Was free before Daniel came in with his company and bought the rights,

  2. Want to grow the game of poker so bad but make people PAY to watch their Super Bowl… Watched from like 08 to 2019 but now that Poker Go cant find a way to give the dam people what they want wich is to freely see the Main Event, i wont ever see it again i guess. Really a shame. I always LOVED binge watching

    1. @Impostor i was going to say….someone should post it there but i cant seem to find anything, have you found it?

  3. I LOVE having to watch YouTube highlights instead of freely watching a game I love

  4. You guys are entertaining, for sure. But maybe, when Peters and Smith are joking and commenting on their just-completed blind battle, perhaps folks would like to hear what these 2 legends are saying.

    1. I would go to the local gym and mooch off their tv to watch reruns of poker on ESPN2

  5. It used to be a tradition me and my dad would call each other and watch the WSOP sync’d up. Now their super bowl you have to pay, just whatever. So selfish and killing the sport. Grow the game

    1. You watched it on cable then? Which isn’t free? So when has wsop ever been free?

  6. Does anyone know where John Juanda was the last few years? He seemed to vanish from the poker scene, until now.

  7. Not recognizing the last 2 champs by face says alot about exposure for poker. Also player talk being talked over by commentary is way below avg. I miss the ESPN days

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