WSOP Main Event Day 2ABC with Jamie Kerstetter & Barstool Smitty | 1-Hour Preview

headlines the function table while organizes the secondary table on Day 2ABC of the World Series of Main Event! Enjoy this 1-hour complimentary sneak peek of our Main Event coverage with commentary supplied by Remko Rinkema.

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Main Event Day 2ABC with & | 1-Hour Preview

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  1. Paying to watch people play poker for hours lol what a bunch of suckers. PokerGO is bad, BAD, for the growth of poker!

  2. Smitty soul leaving his body knowing his Aces are beat 17:48. Great fold

  3. Based on minimal exposure the guy’s a rock star. Lays down AA 🤷‍♂️

  4. How do they not know who Wesley is from all the hustler videos on YouTube. Especially all his clashes with Garrett! Come on now!!

  5. Freaking Wesley man… does not care for the world. First time in WSOP shaving on the Table. LoL 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆

  6. Out of 8k. players , you guys can not find a table with well known players that we can watch and enjoy ? come on..

  7. In my eyes Daniel negreanu is the number one player in the world but poker Wise It’s actually Phil Ivey Daniel’s number for number 5 Phil Hellmuth like 22:30 in the world

  8. how do you not know Wesley on that outer feature table? he’s the cash game player

  9. This guy Sitbon, Jesus.. All that thinking, in the tank and then the sigh call with a pair of 8’s.
    What are the chances his opponents bets 3 times after the flop there with Ace King or Ace Queen or a bluff?
    Probably > 5%. Sitbon is one of the types of players that you never bluff. What a calling station.

  10. Smitty won my respect played like a poker pro in this one. Showing out for Philly! 🍀

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