WSOP Main Event Day 2ABC Highlights with Maria Ho & Barstool Smitty

, , , , and Chino Rheem headline the Day 3 WSOP Centerpiece coverage on Watch the highlights right now before the action continues at 7:30 pm ET on PokerGO.

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Day 2ABC Highlights with Maria Ho & Barstool Smitty

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  1. juanda played the KTs OK assuming he was intending on bluffing brick rivers. he could’ve gone a lot bigger on the river though. Bet like 70k or even 125k is fine too. Or just check jam because your opponent always has to bet and probably call off with his two pairs and sets AND you unblock any hands that might consider a bluff.

  2. Vogelsang is a typical poker player like a lot of them do not know their own faults. He had no idea he was taking so long with hands he will work on playing faster?? I’m just shaking my head. It does not surprise me AT ALL though. Tankers are self absolved people imo.

    1. Problem is that tanking is +EV so there’s no reason not to do it if you want to make more money

  3. Under over on how many days until JRB blows his whole stack in a couple of hours?

  4. Not saying this cuz I can see the hole cards, but Juanda still showing that he’s afraid of being beat by a better hand after all these years, how can you possibly not shove the river, you only lose to pocket 5s…

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