WSOP Main Event Day 1d – CRAZY HANDS & COOLERS with Daniel Negreanu & Jonathan Little

Daniel Negreanu, Patrick Leonard, Chris Moneymaker, and Jonathan Little headlined our coverage on Day 2ABC of the 2024 WSOP Centerpiece. Get caught up with the highlights now before our Day 2D protection starts at 3:30 pm PT.

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WSOP Main Event Day 1d – CRAZY HANDS & COOLERS with Daniel Negreanu & Jonathan Little

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  1. Very interesting and informative video! Thank you for your hard work! 🌺💚

  2. hi, been a hot minute since I commented on your vids but I’m watching every video as usual since january 2021! ✨🍓

  3. “Well I guess you could be value betting worse”
    Oh No! The mental gymnastics back at it again😢

    1. @@beerme8949 It’s awful when that happens, you review the hand after it’s all done and you realize the blunder, but it’s too late

  4. lol 7:45 Jerry Yang 2005 main event champion:Z i believe that was Joe Hachem

  5. Jonathan: “Should you slow play the nuts? We discuss this thoroughly in the Poker Coaching master class”

  6. Ok the KJ DS vs AH 9 sp ,was atrocious play!!

    IGNORE the fact that A9 turned AAA99 or opponent could have a

    the KD JD has easy fold for 1 SPECIFIC REASON

    4 PLAYERS see flop

    NUT FLUSHbets ,and gets 1 caller

    IGNORING the full house on turn what hand would:




    the strongest ACEX offset to call preflop,on flop on turn would be


    HIGHEST diamond not accounted for would BE QUEEN DIAMONDS

    now I realise A9 fills up on turn

    But for a player to stay invested then lead river

    They MUST HAVE A8,A9, or Ax QD

    NUT flush cannot beat a full house

    KJ should have checked turn, folded river

  7. Hahaha these punters absolutely gifted Little Chips. K9 was horrible. Even doing bad against Littles bluffs on the flop

  8. “Even if you win with this hand, Jerry, I wouldn’t tell you nice hand” 😆

  9. I always wonder how Jerry Yang ever won the Main Event. He is such a weak poker player, it is unbelievable

  10. Yang just doing his annual donation back to the poker community that made him able to retire in his 30’s:)

  11. When you’re that deep with a Straight flush why wouldn’t you want to build the pot?

  12. In the straight flush hand that little flatted out of the small he’s really only doing that with small pairs and suited cards this deep right? I understand the flop call by witdoek but nothing after that.

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